Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Bless me blogger, for I have sinned....(sorry, those old Catholic days of having to go into "the box" are with me still) or as Larry the Cable Guy would say, "I apologize Lord, that ain't right."

Confession #1...I have had a panta in my knitting bag for almost 2 weeks and it's only 3 inches long. This is a sit down and do in an evening kind of project, and it's just so sad. I've knit maybe 4 rows in the last 4 days. That ain't right.

Confession #2...Did not make it to Jazzercise. After making it through 2 and 1/2 days with no chocolate, gave in last night and ate FOUR cadbury eggs. Four. And I had to get out of bed for each one. For. Each. One. I'd thought to myself, "self, do you REALLY need to be walking your butt over to the closet and pulling out ANOTHER chocolate egg of gooey wonderfulness?" and apparently I decided yes, I did need each and every one. Dang server at work got fixed and I got loaded up with work, so couldn't leave the house yesterday. I'm REALLY going to try to get out there tomorrow morning as I need it. I was driving down the road and heard one of the songs, and started grooving in my seat doing old motions. so sad.

Confession #3...TOTALLY forgot about lent. Couldn't even remember what it was that I gave up (snacking between meals HAH). whoops. Mebbe I'll try again.

I'm off to work and say a few Hail Mary's (I know the lady was holy, but I bet she still got stressed out as a mom, so that's always my favorite prayer from the days of penance). Did you know now kids don't even have to kneel and pray after confession now? I used to get stuck on my knees for an HOUR afterwards cranking out the Our Father's and Hail Mary's and such. Now my kids have to help with a chore or think of something nice to do for someone, or some such stuff. It's very new-age and feel-good. I guess it is probably more effective, but there's something to that whole "fear of God" kind of thing. Or was it "fear of the one scary nun?" (the others were very sweet and fun, just one scared the living beejeesus out of me). Of course, I went to all that in the days of the doily on the head and where women couldn't go up onto the altar. It must have worked for me as I'm normally a pretty good person. normally. Unless you talk with my old friend Jildo and then the secrets come out. huh, funny thing, Jildo grew up in the days of the doily heads too. hmmmmmmm

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