Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Libraries, spring break stuff

WHY didn't I ever think of LIBRARIES before? I've had such fun taking the kids to the different area libraries each weekend. We start in the knitting section, I grab oh, about 15 books or so and then we head to the kids' section where I sit and flip through the pages and the kids roam around having a blast. Just like most of us, I'm first drawn to the new new NEW books and the flash of the new patterns and such, but started roaming through the old books and there's some seriously GOOD stuff in there. There's more to READ. I also found more pictures of my strange thumb cast-on. I learned a lot and had a blast. I came across 450 Knitting Stitches Vol. 2 and have had entirely too much fun. I must admit to a bad night of ebay shopping and a buttload of the world's most luscious merino, malabrigo, is on its way to me. I decided to swatch up some malabrigo I ALREADY HAD and have decided to knit scarves and matching ear warmer/head band things. Because what else would I be knitting on now that winter is OVER and spring is here? sure. makes sense.

We're sticking around kc for spring break. I've got to work and the kids have no where to go, should be interesting, no? At least my work is pretty flexible, so I can work half days and then at night after they're in bed. I may take a couple of days and do a little mini-trip, but don't have any ideas where to go. I'm in KC so anyone got ideas? I'll probably do the lake of the ozarks with mom & dad for a couple of days, but I'd rather go to a hotel somewhere and just have fun. I've heard good things about the Omaha zoo in Nebraska. maybe.

Sometimes it's good not to be famous. Kirby Puckett (baseball), Dana Reeve (Christopher's widow) both died so young and were such neat people. Famous people always die in 3's...who's going to be the third? Sorry to be morbid, but I wonder about these things.

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