Thursday, March 16, 2006

Will spring break never end??????

wow, it's been a LONG week already and it's only Thursday. The kids have been out of school forever. They not only have the entire week, but had last Friday and next Monday to boot. cripes. It's been fun and my kids have been troopers, but LORDY I'm tired. I think of you mommas out there that homeschool your children and I think, nope, mine wouldn't survive it. Not even on a good day.

Let's see, yesterday....short up, ran around like crazy, went to bed. Long up, worked, did laundry, worked, drove to Nebraska Furniture mart out in Bumblefuxx, KS to show the kids the amazing super-beds I bought for them that will be delivered this weekend, drove to Raymore, MO to work at boss's house and official office, while there kids played with their grandkids and Beth got her hair cut by their daughter (CUTE DOO!), drove home, worked, laundry, sent kids outdoors to give me a rest from crazy crack-head-children (too hyped up to stand them), cleaned house, worked, drove to Jeff's house, sat kids in front of new x-box that was supposed to be their Christmas present (but they got too dang much crap anyway so I was saving it). They turned into zombies for the night and were giggling and having a blast, COOKED and put dinner in the oven, went upstairs and painted the trim and all the edging for the new office at Jeff's house, Jeff came up and did all the roller work and also almost got zapped while changing out the electrical sockets (at one point the lights went out and I heard this big ZZZZAPPPPP! and he yelled "Missed Me!" while my hair stood on its end), took dinner out of the oven and it was GOOD, chatted with Miss Amanda and admired her butt-load of scarves she's been designing and knitting!, ate dinner, put kids to bed, cleaned up kitchen and paint and snuggled on the couch with my honey, vented some SERIOUS pissy emotions bottling up inside me for the last day with the boy (thanks to Kelly for listening and yes, men ARE often stupid and it's SO hard for me NOT to tell them when they ARE), ended on a very nice note and went to sleep. whew. NO knitting what-so-ever. That's not right.

Today WILL be much more calm....sorta....maybe.

AND my dinner was freaking GOOD! Amanda got to be living proof! I used some of the terriyaki sauce from Tastefully Simple, my cousin is now a rep and I'm freaking LOVING that food & sauces & mixes! I had terriyaki chicken with veggies and brown rice (not even the 5 minute kind...I had to SIMMER and everything!) It was SO GOOD! Jeff ate three pieces of chicken so he was liking it too! I'm telling you, I am loving this happy homemaker kind of thing. I now own 5 cookbooks (one the new Joy of Cooking, thanks Susie for the recommendation!) That book is amazing! It's got hoity toity stuff as well as stuff for me like HOW TO BOIL AN EGG. Seriously, I did not know how. It even tells you how to make coffee (again, did not know how).

Gotta go, OH OH OH OH OH my ebay Malabrigo yarn stash came in the mail and it is LOVERLY! I've GOT to get some pics going and I can't decide what to make with it!!!! Maybe another clappy? A scarf and head-band ear warmer set? Mebbe I could just make a big ol' blankie out of it and snuggle up....nope, not enough yarn, I'd have to buy more....that would be just terrible, wouldn't it?

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