Wednesday, March 08, 2006

wish me luck

I'm off to talk with the kids' school principal this morning about letting us still go to this school after we move in with Jeff. It's a public school, but one of the nicest and I already KNOW which teachers I like and which to avoid (won't bring that point up with Madam Principal). The parents pay for the salary of a part-time school counselor and a spanish teacher and we've also got a full time nurse. The rest of the schools in the district have no counselors and almost no foreign languages and the full time nurse is BIG for us with Joey having CF. Plus I think it would just be less turmoil in our lives. Only problem is, EVERYONE wants in this freaking school, so it may be a tough sell. We're still going to be in the district, but in a different high school's territory, so am not sure how well this will go.

Good thing my kids are good in public and not trouble-makers. The last family to talk the principal into letting her boy stay has a TOTAL CHAOS child, so I'm hoping she doesn't think about that. The boy that if the boy's name comes up in any discussion, parents all groan and say "oh, XXXXXXX, bless his heart." Let me tell you, my goal in life is to not have my children's names connected with that little phrase. I am guilty of this myself. You SAY "bless his heart" but you MEAN "crazy little psychopath."

And, Gordon Parks died last night. The third famous person. creepy.

I've got a pic & pattern of a cool malabrigo scarf pattern but will have to post it tomorrow. Have a good one and enjoy those little signs of spring out there! I saw teeny tiny specks of yellow on the forsythia bushes down the street and little crocuses and green sprouts from bulbs are poking up everywhere! It even smelled like spring this morning! woo hoo!

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