Thursday, March 02, 2006

sing a song....sing it loud....sing it strong...

Well, my daughter just made me proud as punch tonight! Elizabeth and one of her girlfriends, Konner, got to sing a duet for the third grade at the primary school concert. It was SO cute and of course wonderful! It was the first two paragraphs (or is it refrains? I was the tuba and flute player back in my youth, not the singer in the family) from the song "sunny side of the street". It was such fun! Freshly painted pink toenails, new sandals, fluffy flowing dress, ribbon in the hair, such fun!

BUT seriously, what kind of torture is it to sit through those grade 1-3 concerts? God bless the music teachers! Without them, our children and our world would not be the creative wonders that they are. I tell you, those teachers have it rough. There's no way I could do it. My favorite moment of the night behind the proud momma of the girl singing up at the microphone AND a lovely grandma behind me being asking lots of questions about the "boiling of the wool" on the felted bag I was knitting on before the concert began, was the moment I realized there were 40+ little butt-white johnson county first graders singing some Swahili (sp?) African song/chant thing with the drums going and they were all trying to move in time to the beat and it was the saddest thing I have seen. It's just wrong. wrong wrong wrong. very ambitious, I'll give them that, but still wrong.

Crazy people with the house we looked at on Valentine's Day called and left a message for Jeff yesterday that they "think" they've decided to sell their house. When he called them back, they still weren't sure what they wanted for it, so who the heck knows what's going on there. cripes almighty. We may or may not be checking into it. If not, we're going to move into Jeff's house, which is not a bad thing either as it's in a great neighborhood and is a good home.

We've had a few issues of the whole "stuff" stuff. You know, moving one family into another's territory is not the same as everyone moving somewhere new. It's "my stuff" and "your stuff" and so much STUFF! So far only a few tears have been shed (mine of frustration) and one piano is determined to go into said house. (The boy has it in for pianos I swear. He doesn't even have to move it up any stairs, it can roll right into the main floor. I may have to move this one in on my own with some help from my girls, we'll see.) All in all we decided it's all just stuff. Plus I have a lot more stuff than the boy realizes, hell, I have more stuff than even I realize sometimes. I'm trying to pare down to more simple living standards, but I've still got over 30 pair of shoes that I don't think I can part with. I have donated 12 pair of silly shoes with very high heels I no longer wear, but have those that you just never know, you MAY well NEED someday... Good thing yarn is able to be shoved into drawers, bags, tubs, etc. Silly boy thinks it will all fit into the cedar chest he made me. Silly boy.

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