Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Ladybug Chronicles

Well, I'm being Ms. Supportive here, as honey boy is recently out of a job. I'm helping out where I can, standing by my man, and all of that. I offer to write down all the phone #'s and contact info from the boy's cell phone as it was a business cell and had to be returned. Going along, writing, not making comments about all the women in the phone, as most are friends, family, etc. I get to "Ladybug" and say, "what the heck is this?" Jeff blushes and says, oh, well, I don't really need that number any more, you don't have to keep it. I say, "ok, .......why? and what the heck is a Ladybug?" APPARENTLY it's the beautiful one. "It's just this little joke between us." and more blushing. Cripes. The ex-girlfriend that supposedly wasn't serious, but was described long ago as "a woman so beautiful that any man would leave his wife for her". She was the one who was the root of our first very big misunderstanding/almost-fight kind of heated discussion last fall. This was the one that when Jeff and I were just getting serious, he told me that I should be happy as she was moving to Chicago, so "that temptation is no longer here." This was just AFTER our big discussion of committment and faithfulness (I've had a few issues with the ex-hubby on that one I'd rather not repeat) and how I'd never have to worry about him, blah blah blah, but OH, since she's GONE, "NOW there's no reason to worry." The more he tried to explain, the madder I got and the deeper in shit he got. It was quite a doozy of a fight long ago, so I VERY NICELY didn't say anything other than "hm. good to know." and also VERY NICELY blacked out the phone number on the list.

This boy better get going and get a job so I can quit being so nice. My angry green jealous biotch doesn't come out often, but when she does, it's DAMN HARD being nice.

Got all the paperwork on Joey's wish foundation going out to the ex-hubby for signatures and then off in the mail. Thank goodness for our pediatrician's office, I found out my child was 20" long and 7 lbs 10 oz at birth, to complete the paperwork. Good lord, what kind of a mom doesn't remember her child's birth details? I remember Beth was 8 lbs 12 oz because when I called mom and expected pity over pushing something the size of a watermelon out of me, she told me all three of us kids were over 9 lbs and my brother Mike was 10 1/2 lbs. ouch.

I've done almost NO knitting for the last few days and I've been quite bitchy. Connection maybe? Last night even Jeff suggested I sit and knit for a while. Had to finish a big project for work, so was doing that until midnight. We're having connection/server problems, so *sigh* I'll just HAVE to find something else to do this morning. I'm off to Jazzy and then to KNIT my ass off. Panta, here I come!

OH, and I've been choosing paints to redo Jeff's house room by room. I looked closer at the names of the five colors I was choosing from and one was called Ladybug. Swear to God. The list of choices is now down to four.

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