Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sock advice please!

OK, so since I'm such the sock knitress now, I'm rocking along! So, why not do more? And set myself unrealistic goals? sure, why not? I joined Sock-A-Month, a RELAXED knit-along where you even get in a drawing for PRIZES! oooooohhhhh PRIZES!!! (I'm such a joiner, ah well, it's fun!)

NOW I've got to decide what pair to make this month. I decided it's selfish time, I want a pair for ME. I will make some for the kids as they want some cool socks too, but I'm doing a real pair on the skinny needles, so I'm thinking something ridiculously bright and I've got just the yarn, hand painted funky with yellows and pinks and oranges and reds, something I'd normally never wear in my black/tan/white/khaki wardrobe. ADVICE NEEDED: anybody got a good pattern to recommend for me? I like the ribbed leg, with ribbed top and stockinette bottom of the foot and don't care what kind of toe. I'm more a fan of knitting the top-down version. I KNOW you all are like "I just knit my own version...." crap, but I need some direction until I figure out my own "own version". Help needed!

Still got Knitter's Finger...red line and it's SORE still, I've had to knit with my finger in all these weird angles to find new places for the yarn to rub. Join that with my bowler's thumb (all dry and beat to heck on the sides from the ball). My nails are all broken short and cruddy with hangnails, I'm a freaking vision. Maybe it's manicure time.

Jildo (my very best friend in the world) and I did some damage at Dillard's in Topeka last night! OH it was almost like old times, closing down the mall until they're acutally escorting us (nicely but forcibly) OUT the door. The only thing missing was Daddy's credit card! DAMN I miss being young & stupid sometimes! Ah well. I've now got the PERFECT shade of glossy lipstick (I swear I'm the world's most picky lipsticker EVER) and I still like it today (miracle of miracles). Jildo went home with, I believe SEVEN shades, so she's good to go. Of course we HAD to get the free bag at the Clinique counter as well as goodies from the other counters as well. The world's most sexiest/classiest top ever that I bought at 1 minute to closing is not quite so sexy or classy ON my body, so I'm afraid it's going to have to go back. Good times! I Love you Girl!

OK, I'm feeling a bit silly here, as I completed ONE sock on size 5 dpns for the olympics. One sock. I'm still proud of myself, really I am....just....well, did you SEE what the Yarn Harlot aka Stephanie accomplished? HOLY CRAP! wow. The woman is a knitting fool. I'm sticking at the one-sock kind of goals.

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