Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Vday!

Well, it's officially Valentine's Day now. I've already heard from Kenny Rogers, remember him? The sweet older man I dated and always sent big-ass flowers to work all the damn time but who forgot to say he was MARRIED??? And then he wouldn't go away? Remember? I haven't heard from him in a while now, but the cell phone was a-ringing at 8:00am this morning. I thought, aw, my honey's calling to wish me love on Valentine's day. nope. Message from the Ken Man sending his love. nice.

OH being a crafter just saved my butt this morning! I was Little Miss Martha Jr. this Vday, the children made HAND-MADE valentines for their classmates, their grandparents and surprised me with my own. We punched holes in them and stuck tootsie roll pop suckers in them. We were ready last weekend. We were rocking right along....until I realized I forgot the teachers. CRAP! 5 minutes till we leave for school, no time to run to the grocery store, Thank GOODNESS for my stash of completed crap and chocolate addiction!!! In 4.5 minutes, I had three lovely packages full of chocolate reese's pnut butter hearts (PMS attack last week at the grocery store) and hershey's kisses and topped them off with one of my felted crocheted flower pins, wrapped in tissue paper, tied with some crap yarn, Viola! Actually, at 1 minute until we had to leave or be late, I had TWO packages ready and Joey said, "but Mom, what about Miss S?" She's the student teacher. CRAP CRAP CRAP!! 30 seconds more had one more package ready to go. (I bought a LOT of chocolate the other day)

Be good to yourself today. I know it's just a silly over-hyped holiday, but we still get all tied up in the stress of the day. Buy yourself a little chocolate, drink a glass of wine, call a girlfriend, have some fun. I've still got nothing but one sock for my man, but oh well. That's what he's gonna get.

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