Friday, February 24, 2006

OH yeah, yeah, knitlympics, yeah...

Well, I haven't done anything on the olympic sock except for cast on. Nice, huh? Don't I have until the 28th? Anyone know the end of the olympics? I'm totally gonna do it. Good thing it's a fast knit on larger yarn and size 5 needles.

First I had to complete the fingertip-less gloves. Any of you KC area knitters out there remember Hallmark's Kalideoscope? Back when it was GOOD? When you had those hallways full of touchable art and got to make noise on the musical instruments as you wound your way through the maze? Remember Bill Cosby's handprint with 6 fingers? Well, meet my 14 fingered gloves...(ok, there's still only 13 fingers now but the pinky is almost done). I had done the first one without really understanding how to pick up just in the right spot, so it was horrible. Jeff, being a sweet man, said he didn't care that some fingers were kind of in front of the others. I was going to leave it, but the morning after I THOUGHT I was done with them, I wore them. The 2nd glove was WONDERFUL. The crappy glove was making my fingers go numb. seriously. SO, I snipped off the fingers, and frogged down a bit and redid them. I almost gave some lady at Panera's a heart attack the other day as she came running over after I snipped the first one off and said "STOP!" She wanted me to frog them the right way and save work. I thanked her kindly and told her after weaving in those dang ends there was no way on God's green earth I was unsewing them only to have to reknit and REsew them in again. Apparently, you're not supposed to frog by snipping as it wastes yarn and gives die-hard knitters heart trouble. Ah well. DONE. My tubey sweater should be DONE this weekend as well, THEN I'm gonna make my olympic sock.

OH I bought some cotton yarn for that amazing tank top from Interweave knits. 100% cotton, wow, can't you just FEEL the weight on my wrists as I knit that badboy? don't care. gonna do it anyway. Can't let myself cast on and start on it until I finish the sock.

I'm good with the move a little at a time theory. This weekend I'm bringing over extra blankets and sheets to put in the hall closet. I also got some cool underbed tubs for Beth & Joey. I'm moving 2 kids with too much crap into a much smaller room TOGETHER, so we're gonna have to do some organizing! They've actually been wanting to do "sleep-overs" in Beth's room for the last 2 months anyway on her bunkbed, so it should make the conversion a bit easier. We'll see.

PS, I'm delivering the fingertip-less gloves tonight. Today is supposed to get up to 68 degrees and be warm all next week. Last week was probably the last bit of winter and was 12-15 degrees. Nice timing, huh? Ah well. His valentine's sock is the one that's hopefully going to be done by the end of the olympics. At least I'm done with Christmas presents.

PPS, Don't worry that it looks like I made 2 right hands, the pattern was designed so they can be worn either way on either hand. I just saw the picture looked all funky that way. no worries. (wouldn't that just be like me to have made 2 right hands though? MAN that would've sucked!)

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