Monday, February 20, 2006

the details

OK, so "the talk" apparently went well. I think it's so unbelievably sweet and old-fashioned, I just can't tell you. Jeff said he almost chickened out at the last minute, he stopped by when Dad was home loading up the big ol' pickup for his & mom's trip to their lakehouse. They talked man talk for a while, about Jeff's new wood stove, the weather, etc. Then he said they were both just kind of standing there and he said he wanted to talk with my dad, how he loved me and the kids and he's asked us to move in. He said though he feels like we should get married first, we talked about it and want to move in to make sure everyone is sure, but he'd like to marry me in a little while as well. Dad said he and mom were very supportive of whatever we'd like to do as they think Jeff is a good man. Dad said something about the extra burden Jeff'd be taking on with Joey (my son has C.F., a genetic lung & digestive disease) and Jeff said that he was not worried about that, he thought the burden would be dealing with me. (said as a joke) and my good ol' dad says, "yeah....yeah, that's true, but with Joey it's a terminal illness and ..." Nice Dad, thanks. Love being a burden. Ah well, I guess I have earned that title through the stress I've put on my poor folks. ANYWAY, now we just have to decide when & how and all that.

We spent most of the weekend at Jeff's house doing projects and just hanging out. The dinners went well. Susie, I've heard some good things about that Joy of Cooking, I'm gonna go find one for myself. I made some steak/chicken/spicy fajita-ish thing one night and the world's best philly cheese-steak sandwiches the other. I chickend out on the recipe I really wanted to do, this thing where you put in a little steak & oil & sauce, cook for a couple minutes, take it out, pour in some brandy and light it on FIRE and let it burn out, add butter and then scrape all the goo out onto the steaks. The recipe cracked me up because after it tells you to light the pan on fire with a wooden match, the next step is "stand back". HAH! Even I know that much about cooking. I thought it may be a good idea to not burn down the kitchen I want to move into, so put that fancy one off for a while.

Kathy, bless you for your roaster/broiler tips. I'm going to roast some veggies tomorrow night and will be just rocking right along now that I know what a broiler & roaster are!

Not much knitting was accomplished this weekend, I did two fingers on the last glove, realizing that now I know what I'm doing, I should probably rip out the fingers on the last glove and do them over. I got disgusted with the whole process and worked on my sweater. I'm going to try to finish up the gloves before the weather gets warm again.

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