Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hello, My name is Christine...and I'm a multicolored yarn addict.

You know, I realized I have a serious obsession gone wrong here. TWENTY-TWO count them 1-2-3-4-...oh whatever. I have a lot of freaking hand-painted, variegated, self-patterning, who knows what will turn out YARN! Apparently not everyone shares my love for the adventurous yarn. Those I would knit for want GREY stuff. PINK stuff. BLUE stuff. But not grey and pink or blue and grey stuff. cripes. You take someone down and look through the stash to pick out yarn for the perfect project and hear ", can we go to the yarn store to pick out something all the same color?" I thought, oh how bad could it be? You know how when you have your stash in different spots, drawers, chests, tubs, etc, it's not quite so overwhelming as when it's all together? I thought, how bad could it be? Then I got out the stuff.

Clapotis? multi colored Lorna's Laces
Tubey sweater? no stripes, multi colored Lorna's Laces Shepherd worsted instead
Sock and gloves for Jeff? artyarns multi colored merino
14 bumpy scarves made? schaefer hand-painted multi colored in every shade of the rainbow
8 pair of wrist warmers? different artyarns & Lorna's Laces all multicolored
poncho for daughter? ribbon multicolored yarn
ribbon tank from Lion Brand website? frogged multicolored brown/orange ribbon yarn
market bag still on needles? hand-painted multicolored
Felted bags? noro (LOVE that noro) and malabrigo and uruguay stuff
Sock yarn? 12 different skeins of all multi colored stuff (How do I have 12 different color schemes and have only made ONE sock?--always be prepared I guess)
Stash--> 10 groups of skeins sporting yet more variegated, etc. yarn.

I almost go insane when I have to knit same ol' same ol' of one color. I started knitting to introduce some color into my wardrobe. My wardrobe consists of black, black, black, grey, denim, white, OH and 2 red shirts I've just bought in the last few months (my bf's favorite color bought just for him to admire). I think I may have a khaki skirt in there that is too small, but that's about it. Maybe I am overcompensating for my lack of colorness. Yeah, that's it, I'm like a little man (down there) driving a big ol' hummer 4-wheel drive monster suv. Overcompensation. It's not such a bad thing.

The only problem with this particular kind of yarn addiction (besides the financial aspect of having to have MORE MORE MORE yarn) is when you want to wear more than one item at a time. Maybe the grey-wanters have it figured out. I went out this morning looking like a bag lady dumpster-diving outside a yarn shop. First I must state that after a couple of weeks of 50-70 degree weather, it's looking like 20 degrees for the next few days...I had my traditional dark grey coat on with the orange/brown/nature colored clapotis wrapped around my head, schaefer bumpy scarf (in red/orange/yellow mix) around my neck, wrist warmers in a lovely mix of purples and blues, and carrying my clear knitting bag full of green/brown/burgandy mix of glove and sock for Jeff and the purple/red/blue mix of tubey. The only thing missing was wild socks. Give me time. Beth took one look at me and said, "Mom, remember it's open house night tonight." I said "sure." She said, "can you only wear ONE of your knitted things at a time, PLEEEEEEEASE?" nice.

I'm a good mom and I'll be good. I try not to embarrass my children in front of people they know. I must admit I enjoy hopping on the bar of the grocery cart and whooooping it up through the parking lot, making my daughter cover her head with her hands like a convicted criminal dodging the media and my son yelling in fear that I'll crash it (he's usually on the back side hanging on for dear life.)

The mutli colored yarn addiction is either genetic or contaigous, as when Beth went to pick out her own yarn for one of those damn knifty knitter ring things, she picked out a furry yarn in a variegated purple/black/pink color scheme all by herself. That's my girl.

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