Monday, February 13, 2006

Think the boy will be happy with one sock?

What kind of a crappy valentine's day present is that? ONE sock? Ah well. With my track record for never quite being on time, that boy'd better get used to getting what he gets when he gets it...Christmas presents in January, Vday presents in March, you know. I still haven't done anything on the knit olympics sock other than cast on. I have one finger done on one hand of Jeff's fingerless gloves, so I can either work my butt off on getting the rest of the glove done, or I can just go knit on my tubey sweater and not worry about it. Maybe getting a gift certificate for one of those car washes where they detail the inside of his truck? hmmmm any other suggestions out there? I got nothing. I'm totally wrapping up one sock just to see how the boy handles it.

I must say he was pretty smooth today. He had been stressing over something or other and I told him no matter what happens, I'll be there and support him and believe in him. He was quiet for a moment, I thought I'd been too gushy, but he just said he'd wanted to hear that from a woman all his life and I'd just given him the best Valentine's day present he'd ever had. Did I say this boy is good with words or what?!? awwwww

OH OH OH some news, not really news, but I thought it was kinda-blog-worthy anyway. Jeff found a house he wants me to go look at with him. We've decided we're going to be together for the long haul, but not real sure on the details of how to make all the details work yet (his 2 kids and my 2 kids make for a veritable brady bunch when they're all together). We've talked about finding a place within the next year or so, but this house in the perfect neighborhood opened up and we're going to go look just to see. I'm not getting my hopes up as the lady selling it isn't ACTUALLY selling it. She's got a FSBO sign in the yard, but when we called, she said she's "taking bids". We asked how much does she want for the house and it's "taking bids". We asked how long are you taking those bids and how do we know how much has been offered and she just said "just make a bid" and she's not sure how long she's going to do it. Is that legal? WTF? She MAY be waiting for "a few weeks" to see what she gets and SHE'll let us know how much she's been offered so far. Yeah, that'll be honest. cripes. Anyway, we're going to look at our first prospective home together and I'm all cheesin'.

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