Friday, February 17, 2006

the romance novel continues...

OK, here's the newest deal. Jeff, my boyfriend, is going to "speak to" my father. I said, "duh, you talk with him all the time, what's the big deal?" Apparently he means speak with as in ask for permission to ask for my hand in marriage or as he put it "discuss my intentions for his daughter." OH.MY.GOD. I'm 37 years old, twice divorced (although one really shouldn't count as it was a mini-marriage--found out he was crazy fast and got the heck out) and mother of two children. I'm not quite the blushing bride I was long ago, heck, even back then I wasn't quite the blushing bride I should've been, but that's another story entirely. NEITHER of the ex's asked my father for permission or even talked with the man at all. I'm torn between thinking how sweet it is that Jeff is doing this and terrified that my dad will scare the poor boy off. Jeff may stop by this afternoon when Dad's loading up the truck for his & mom's big weekend at the lake if he can schedule it in his day. He's aiming for a time that my dad's by himself as mom's a bit too, um, shall we say strong willed? aka she can be a seriously scary chic sometimes. (I am proud I got a little of that trait from mom too). I'm just trying to ignore it and not think about it. holy crap.

OK, since I apparently love this man, and it's 12 freaking degrees outside, I thought I'd be a good little knitter and finish the fingertip-less gloves for my man. Click the baby pic to see the first fingered glove in its glory. Beautiful, no? I've got the second one ready to start on the index finger. Let me say I learned a few things with this...#1 I am NOT a fan of knitting gloves. #2 I am NOT going to do it again for any amount of love or money. #3 It apparently MATTERS if you don't get the CO 2 as your first stitches to pick up or your fingers go all hinky with some in front of the others. #4 There are too FREAKING many yarn ends to sew in at the end TEN per HAND DAMMIT! Thank goodness I used a multicolored yarn and didn't do the damn stripe detail or there'd be MORE flippin' yarn ends. I've nicknamed these little beauties "Satan's Fingers". Jeff said they'll be his favorite gloves even if the fingers are a little weird. I said, "aw, how sweet. They'd damn well better be as you're not getting any more from me unless I go shopping at wal-mart."

OK, so I'm COOKING all weekend. Somehow this came about since I gave the boy ONE sock for Valentine's Day. I ended up going from ONE vday meal to just cooking the whole damn weekend. I got inspired, bought me some cookbooks (I love Rachael Ray's 30 minute meals). Someone NEEDS to help me please! I thought a roasting pan was that bumpy thing that is usually stored in the drawer of the oven. I have a recipe that says to put some veggies on it, turn the oven up to 500 or something and put the pan on the bottom rack. OK, I can do that. THEN these other recipes call for putting things in the roaster. WTF is a roaster? WTF is a broiler? Do they mean inside the bumpy pan? Is there a whole new pan that I haven't seen?

So far the plan is to make this strange sliced steak with fancy schmancy wine sauce for dinner tomorrow night. Sat. afternoon we're making our OWN chicken nuggets, complete with pounding them, coating in flour & egg and frying them. I'm also doing our own beer-batter onion rings. Don't know what's for dinner tonight, yet. Wish me luck.

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