Sunday, February 12, 2006

a full moon at Chuck E Cheese

Lordy, Lordy, what 6 year old boys do when their parents aren't around. Thurs night we had a bday party for one of Joey's friends at the good ol' Chuck E. Cheese (aka kiddie crack central). The bday boy came down with a case of the barfs last Sat. so it moved to Thurs night. You can imagine, 18 six-year olds with LOTS of sugar, pizza and that ding-ding-ding-whoop-whoop-whoop noise going on and TICKETS OH MY GOODNESS TICKETS you can win to go home with worthless CRAP... Yup, hyper city. I'm sitting at the table with the few parents brave enough to stay around for the party and look up to see one of the boys is up next to the mechanical rat and is dancing along without his pants. Yup, 2 nekkid cheeks shaking it in time to the music. cripes. I literally snorted diet coke out my nose. OUT OF MY NOSE. It wasn't pleasant. When the mom came to pick up her boy at the end of the party, she asked "how was my little angel" Swear to God, "angel". The bday mom said he was "entertaining". I only snorted a little on this one and covered it up with a quick cough. Between the floor show I was able to get about another inch done on the body of my tubey sweater. Will this sweater NEVER end?

We had a very nice suburban weekend. Let's see, the short version...pick up kids Friday afternoon, skating party (which I must say I still love roller skating. I'm hoping the fact that my daughter LIKES skating around the rink with her mom lasts a few more years), basketball practice & game for Joey, meet up with Jeff & the boys to have a giant sleep-over at our house. Sat. more bday parties, meet up with Jeff & the boys to go see our asian friends for a big ol' family party for Taylor's one year old bday that night. good food, good friends, good times. Sunday pancakes and reading the paper, kids playing with friends, mom studying for math test on Tuesday. Sunday night dinner at Denny's. My kids freaking love Denny's. Good ol' diner food, not too terrible. Everyone's tucked into bed and I'm FINALLY going to start on my sock for the knitlympics. I know everyone else has been going since Friday but I'm a late bloomer.

Big boss owners are in town this week. I do like them, but it's always a titch stressFUL anyway. Last time I was able to keep my mouth shut and stay out of the way. At least I'm almost done hauling stuff up those damn stairs. I wasn't able to help out with the load the fridge and last 10 filing cabinets up the stairs fun that was scheduled on Saturday, so I'm hoping that's all been done without me.

I'm heading back to Jazzercise tomorrow am, figure burning off some stress probably couldn't hurt.

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