Wednesday, February 15, 2006

House Hunting with the Honey

Lordy, Lordy, Christine's in LOOOOOOVE! Oh Oh Oh OH! LOVE HIM! Ok, enough of that. sorry.

The boy did VERY well for Vday, gave me a pretty bracelet that's gold on one side and white gold on the other, I think it's a herringbone? I'm not sure, it's one of those thick heavy solid-looking but actualy flexible kind of things. He did raise his eyebrows over the one-sock gift, but I told him he'll get the other one soon and a cooked dinner this weekend as well. He's so sweet, he loved the sock and got a chuckle out of my story on him flipping me off the bed as I'm trying to secretly measure his foot. He did ask about his fingerless gloves, since it's cold outside again, I told him hopefully before it hits 90 degrees he'll have them. Better get busy, but I wanna finish my tubey too! TOO much homework, children's school projects, cooking and other crap keeps getting in my way of KNITTING!

We put in a bid on the strange people's house. I swear, either everyone around me is nuts, or I'm crazy and the whole rest of the world is normal. Either way, it keeps life from being boring. Of COURSE the house is exactly what we want, it's perfect for our little brady-bunch family. And of COURSE the people selling it are nuts. They wouldn't say what they wanted for it, just for us to "make a bid." After explaining that we've NEVER heard of this way of buying a home, with secret bids, no protocol, etc, but they were all "Oh, everyone we know buys houses like this....we've always bought & sold our homes like this, it's JUST like using a realtor..." NO, IT'S NOT!!! I wouldn't let Jeff do much of the talking as the woman in the couple absolutely HATES the boy after his phone call to her the other night, her body language was speaking volumes. The man was pretty cool and finally said they wouldn't take less than the appraised value, so we bid that. We talked about how our children would love to play in the backyard, etc and they said they were wanting a family to move in rather than someone just to use it for rental, so we'll see. They haven't even decided if they WANT to sell the house or not yet!!! WTF? Jeff said, once you decide if you're selling or not, let us know and then we'll talk on the bid. cripes.

Ah well, it was very nice to be looking at homes for our future together. We did the whole moving-in talk last night too, so it looks like we'll do it this summer in his home if we haven't found a new place yet. ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDD the M word came up too, it looks like that's definately in our future. Holy freaking crap almighty. who'd a-thunk it?

OH, and it's a good thing I get to drop one test score in the good ol' Trig class, cripes. I knew EVERYTHING but one thing on vectors. I thought, what harm could it be, I'll just leave those COUPLE questions blank. yeah. good plan. SIX of the 33 questions were on vectors. crap crap crap. nice. Guess the rest of the program builds on this crap too, so I've gotta call my aunt the math teacher and have her tutor me.

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