Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A little more sleep, a little more knitting

Wow, after those nice comments, I almost thought of leaving tubey short....almost...but then returned to reality. I compromised, I'm only adding enough to go just past the waist so if I stretch for something, I'll show some tummy. The unbindoff wasn't too bad, at first I pulled out each stitch and tried to catch it on the needle. This was a big ol' pain in the butt. The next time I un-bindoff, I'll need to take pictures as I found a neat way to poke the needle in before pulling out the stitch, kind-of like unknitting stitch by stitch and it went FAST and no stitches were twisted that way. I put on another inch and have one more to go and then another bind-off and sewing in ends. God almighty, I love sewing in ends. Someone could make some serious money around me if they offered to sew in my damn ends. I'd hire them for those cigar gloves I'm finishing up for Jeff. I've almost got the 2nd one done and have 10 ends per that. Not doing it again. I have to finish them before I wear the tubey or it would look bad. Poor guy was building a cool tv stand for the corner of the living room and kept having to come in from the garage to warm his fingers. He never said anything, but I could see in his eyes the look of "WHY ARE YOU KNITTING A TUBBEY SWEATER INSTEAD OF GLOVES FOR YOUR MAN???" So I quickly switched bags and worked diligently on those fingers....until he had to run to Home Depot, then I HAD to do some more tubey...I'm so close...can't stand it. When the garage door went up, the gloves came back out. I never said I was an unselfish knitter.

SO, help me decide when Jeff & I should do the big MOVING IN TOGETHER!! I was originally thinking summer would be best. Then I thought, maybe we could do Spring Break in March, but I think I'm going to compromise. I think I'll get the roadrunner put in (the boy lives with DIAL-UP *sigh*) and furniture started moving over in March and just bring more crap each weekend and stay over there on weekends. The kids seem to be adjusting pretty well and are excited about setting up their room over there. His kids & my kids don't really seem to care much one way or another. They just want to play and don't care if it's at our house or his. I think the stress is on us adults trying to make sure the kids don't stress. That in itself is quite stressful.

Have you SEEN the new Interweave Knits? OH MY GOD. I realized I have grown as a knitter. I can't actually DO the big stuff, but now I have an actual aching need inside me to make some of this stuff. For me, Knits mag is either horrid or unbelievable. This one is a KEEPER! I think I may have to make the Sunrise Circle Jacket and it may have to be in orange. OH OH OH (the pattern's online!) The trellis scarf in lace is unbelievable, lacy socks adorable, have you SEEN the wobbly circles tote? It's ALMOST amazing enough for me to THINK about trying intarsia...almost... And OH OH OH the Prairie Tunic, I must make this unbelievable thing of beauty. The back side is even more stunning... No worries that I've never made anything with lace or holes (ok with INTENTIONAL holes), that I HATE knitting with cotton (would bamboo work?) or that the entire puppy is made on size 3 needles, nope. not worried. not one little bit. Anyone wanna make this one with me?

Also of note is Amy Singer's (editor of knitty) column with a list of good sock links online

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