Sunday, February 05, 2006

foot measuring success!

SO, Jeff is somehow all tuckered out and falls asleep BEFORE me Friday night. I pull the measuring tape out of the knitting bag and go to work, slowly lifting a foot out of the covers, trying not to breathe. I now know the fate of the world is in good hands with me NOT in charge of anything needing steady hands and quiet. nope. Whenever I try to be quiet, I may as well just start bashing cymbals together, it's pathetic. I get one foot out of the covers, start measuring the ankle. He stirs, I flop on the bed, like I just happen to be sleeping down by his feet. smooooth. He rolls over, sticks his foot back under the covers and goes back to sleep. Try, try again... I get the foot back out in the cold air, he's still sleeping, I get the length measurement, put the foot back, go to write it down, and can't remember what it was. crap crap crap! Get through the whole thing again, write it down on the paper before putting his foot back, he rolls over, knocks me out of bed onto the floor with a BOOM. (combination of my balancing on the edge of the bed leaning over to get the measurement and my lack of any sense of balance.) He wakes up said, "what the heck are you doing?" I said, "nothing honey, it's just about knitting" and he said "I don't EVEN want to know what you're putting in that blog thing about this" and goes back to sleep.

Sat. morning I check the comments and find I should've just measured his damn socks. I did that while he was in the shower, and yup, same measurement. mission accomplished. Hopefully my honey's socks will fit and he'll like his v-day present. I think I'd better bake him something as well.

We ended up having lots and lots of cousins come to town for a cousin's wife's baby shower Sat. night, so Jeff got to go to dinner and meet a bunch of them. On the way out to our cars my wild cousin Joan whispered that she liked Jeff very much. I told her I liked him too! We went to the Macaroni Grill and it must have been a sweetheart dance night or something as even WITH a reservation, we waited OVER AN HOUR and got to see all the girls with sparkly dresses and big hair and high heels and sweating boys doing the flirty thing. We decided it was a cross between the two Seinfeld episodes...the one at the Chinese restaurant where they waited and waited and WAITED and the one with the rental car reservation..."you know how to TAKE the reservation, but apparently don't know how to HOLD the reservation..." Once we got seated, we had good food and soon the tables around us seemed to clear out, so we got to hang out and chat. Good times.

OK, I gotta do a superbowl comment or two. I'm a closet Steelers fan, so was glad for them. BUT OH LORDY did the stones look a bit old? I am all for older people shaking it, but PLEASE LEAVE THE CLOTHING ON!!! Anyone else get concerned that with each song, another shirt came off? Beth asked "isn't that guy as old as Grandpa? and is he wearing leather pants?" yes, yes he is. She commented "man, I'm glad MY grandpa doesn't wear leather pants." we are all dear. We all are.

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