Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I wanna blog on someone...someone who is being PETTY and CHILDISH and ROYALLY PISSING ME OFF! AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH But...it wouldn't be the smartest thing I could do, "wouldn't be prudent" as GW #1 would have said. Let's just say NOT EVERYONE loves me as the good hearted gentle soul that I am, damn fricken fracken idiot. Ah, I feel better now. No, not really. Ah well. No biggie, life goes on. Those that matter love me and I love them. Why should life be all happy & roses and butterflies? You need a stinky ol' spider crawling around sucking the blood out of life to appreciate the ladybugs and rainbows and crap like that. I still wouldn't mind squishing said spider, but that could be messy and illegal and all that. Plus, remember, I'm a gentle soul. A palm-reader once told me that. Yeah, the rest of his predictions were full of crap too.

KNITTING RULE #14 (I'm not actually counting, but this SEEMS like something SOMEONE should have told me in this knitting venture thing) NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER count, measure, bind off and cut a project after 1:30 in the morning. EVER.

Isn't she beautiful? My tubey, I thought she was finished. KNITIDIOT LOGIC......"yeah, that looks long enough" Holding a knit sweater up to your body at 1:45am and smooshing it down upon you apparently does NOT give for accurate measuring. Then INSTEAD of taking the flippin 5 minutes to put the thing on waste yarn and try it on, I think, yeah. That's it! I'm done. No, I don't need to wait for DAYLIGHT or a MEASURING TAPE or SLEEP, nope. I'm gonna bind off and cut. Nice. It is a lovely sweater, but see that bit o' skin there? Maybe if I was a young hottie still in my 20's I could carry it off, it could be quite sexy actually. BUT the skin that's showing isn't a sexy flat tummy with a belly button ring, nope, it's showing off a lovely stretch mark. nice. Guess I get to learn how to un-bind off today.

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