Sunday, January 01, 2006

2006, the year of the light up frog

OH MY GOD, I laughed when mom opened this gift from my brother Mike. She was always finding these ugly cement frogs for Mike's garden and yard at his old house. No one really knows why. Mom doesn't collect frogs, Mike's never mentioned a frog, it just happened. Needless to say, the frogs (rain gauge frog, etc) all stayed at the old house when he and his wife moved. SO my mom and I share a taste for things sensationally tacky. Impressively tacky, not the regular wearing butterfly ankle bracelets under pantyhose tacky, but the big stuff. Mom freaking LOVED this lighted up Xmas frog. It's going with them to put out by the R.V. at the family reunion this summer. Best gift of the family Christmas no holds barred.

Anyone got some good new year's resolutions I can copy? Here's mine...
#1 Get my damn blog updated with the blogs I read, current pics, and change the damn quote of the DAY more than once a month.

#2 Be more selfish. (who couldn't keep this one?) It includes saying NO more often, taking time for my kids and myself to do nothing, spending more time with the honeyboy and exercising (I FINALLY joined Jazzercise and HOLY MOMMA that's a workout) and eating right and all the usual BS that gets abandoned by Jan. 31st.

#3 Be more patient. Since I'm not patient in the LEAST, this should be achievable.

#4 QUIT FREAKING OUT over things before they're even problems. Learn to just LIVE and LET LIVE and not worry. This one may take large amounts of wine or beer to happen, and I'm willing to make that sacrifice.

That's all I got.

OH OH OH OH OH OH OH I've got lovahboy news!!!! The boy and I have had some "issues" lately off and on for the last few months and I think he was having some serious comittment issues but he thought I was the one with the problems. I wasn't ASKING for any comittment, but he's not one to just care for someone deeply without a lot of other crap getting all tangled in. Once I realized it wasn't me, it was him, (Don't we women ALWAYS think It's not you, it's me?) I felt better and figured I'd wait him out and see what happened. WELL, instead of always being there, I decided I'd live my life and fit him in when he wanted to be there and not stress. He realized he missed me and asked to spend more time together. I said sure. We did, and realized we don't drive each other crazy too much, and it's a good thing. WELL, at midnight last night or close to it anyway, he took my face in his hands, kissed me, and told me the big three words! I LOVE YOU. He's not one to say that lightly, we've now been together about 8 months. I was so touched I almost cried. AAAWWWWWWWWWW I must say it was one of the best new year's eve's I've had.

Gotta run, my chiefies are on tv and I've gotta be there for the boys. Don't know if we'll have a coach after the game or not, but for now I'm just a fan watching the game.

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