Tuesday, January 10, 2006

STILL can't stop coughing

OK, so maybe the penicillin pills from MEXICO weren't the best choice here. I'm getting pretty damn sick of coughing coughing coughing. I basically barely made it through a meeting tonight by holding my breath and trying not to barf from holding in the coughs. I think I may have even grunted at one point. I know I did one explosive sneeze/cough/snort thing that made people actually pull their chairs back away from the table. I told everyone "don't worry I've been on antibiotics for a few days now" and left out the part that they were in a $25 bottle of 500 pills or something like that. nice. I'm going to a REAL doctor tomorrow. dammit.

SO I was sitting here working at home like a good girl. cough cough cough. I thought, hey, wouldn't some home-made chicken noodle soup be good? I decided to do the soup the way I like it best, from Panera. Got in a car, drove myself through the freezing rain/snow/sleet to Panera to find NO chicken soup on the soup board for today. ALSO no chicken chili. No chicken ANYTHING. I was so pissy I decided I needed yarn. I went to the Studio for some SWEET Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted to use for the stripes on my Tubey sweater. I couldn't decide on different colors to stripe, so I thought I'd try something unusual. I'm using the mixed berries colors, which has blue, red, and different shades in it in the striped part of the pattern and we'll see how it pools and hopefully it'll turn out worth wearing.

It didn't help my cough as well as chicken soup would have, but it sure helped my attitude. OH OH OH and guess what I got also????? This would have been a Christmas present to & from Christine, but with it being January 10th, that doesn't actually work, so it's a STOP COUGHING present for me from me.... check it out baby. I spent $38 on it and LOVE LOVE LOVE it and my crap's already in here and it's a JOY to knit out of.

I'd better get better soon or this is going to cost me a fortune. Knitting out babies, I've got the charcoal shrug part almost to the point of joining to start the sleeves. That 22" is some of the longest crap I've ever knit. I did learn something, though. That idea of slipping the first stitch of each row purlwise makes a LOVELY side edge. I'm doing that on everything from now on.

Teresa, hang in there babe. Anything fuzzy or furry makes me curse loudly. I usually prescribe wine for knitting with hairy things. It doesn't make it any easier, actually you make more mistakes but with the hair/furr/fuzz who can tell? AND it makes it a LOT more fun!

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