Monday, January 09, 2006

I truly amaze myself, really I do

SO, baby blanket DONE by 11pm the night before the baptism of my nephew Charlie. It turned out pretty, click the strange (I was tired when I took the shot) angled shot below for a close-up of the pretty stitch. This was a pattern from Jeff's grandma who is one of those crocheters who don't work from patterns. You know, like you cooks who can just KNOW what to put in. I am a religious pattern follower. It makes me sweat to try to "wing it". I also use my cookbook to make meatloaf. I'm just not that brave yet. I can wing it on felted purses, but that's it so far. Probably why I was good at cross stitching and needlepoint makes me sweat. I don't like sweating.

ANYWAY, I'll put down the "pattern" that I came up with from combining J's Gma's tips and two other patterns I found online into the fastest baby blanket in the midwest. I'm just too pooped to do it now. This would be so pretty in one of those variegated baby yarns, but was pretty though boring in straight white.

No Jazzercise today as I've got strep throat. ick ick ick. I hate that crap. I've been washing the shXt out of my hands lately so I wouldn't pass on my sore throat and now I'm on drugs. ick

I went to Michaels and used up a $50 gift cert I got from my little bro for Xmas. I got a butt-load (8 skeins) of Lion Brand Chenille thick & quick to make aNOTHER afghan I saw in a library book. I don't know what is up with the afghan-itis. It's like I can't stop myself. I also was thinking of checking out the wool-ease or simply soft carron to see about a cheaper version of the tubey sweater from knitty, but don't like enough of their colors. I'm thinking I'll probably try the superwash cascade 200. I don't know. I'm going to the Studio sometime this week to do a look-see.

OH and apparently it's time for a hair cut again. My 9 yr old daughter got home from Xmas with her dad. We were sitting on the couch watching MASH and she said, "mom, that guy has your same haircut." "seriously, mom." It was Alan Alda in one of the serious 70's wavy do days. Oh lord. I went to the mirror and saw Alan Alda looking back at me. I had the serious side part, the big wavey loopy thing on top and the not-quite-bangs slinking across the forehead. It was quite frightening. I'm calling Allegra later today. Beth is wanting "something new" for her do too, so we may do a mother/daughter day of beauty.

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