Thursday, January 05, 2006

Aunt Christine

OH MY GOD I LOVE BEING AN AUNT. Is this not the cutest boy in the world? I know I shouldn't say that being the mother of another cutest boy in the world, but please! Look at the child! Guess what I'm doing today??? babysitting!!! and a little bit of working. I worked long hours yesterday and will tonight so I can concentrate on the job at hand, gurgling, gooing and laughing and snuggling and changing poopy diapers. Oh baby, I loved that stage with my kids where they COULDN'T MOVE. They just laid there in your arms adoring you and gurgling. mmmmm. new baby smell. mmmmm.

OH and the cedar chest was also being restored to be a yarn holder. Silly boy Jeff thought I'd be able to put ALL my yarn in there. Then he saw the dresser was FULL and I've got a small shelf full of bags of more yarn. I tried to tell him I'm not nearly as bad as the rest of my yarn buddies, really, I'm just barely on the stash-o-meter. He told me just because the rest of my "junkie" friends were jumping off a cliff, did I have to also? YUP I sure as heck do. Plus, how soft would the landing be? hah! I think he's resolved to ignore the yarn addiction.

Back to being "Aunt Chris" AND then this afternoon Dad's coming home from work to take over and then I get to go see Jildo! We're going to meet in Topeka, can't wait! What a day, started with a kiss on the cheek from my boy Joey, snuggling with him, dropping him at school, snuggling with baby Charlie, a little knitting while he naps, and then off to see my best friend in the world. It doesn't get any better than this!

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