Monday, January 16, 2006

a quick note

Good morning! I've already worked, solved two problems and knocked everyone off our server, so it's time for me to take a break while the powers that be fix whatever I screwed up. SO it's off to the Studio for their 25% off everything in stock sale! woo hoo! I have to behave myself AND I have two grumpy children along, so it should be a joy. But, I'm gonna get me some new yarn, so it's all good.

I'm now to the point where in about 4 more rows, I get to do COLOR on my tubey! I've got this tremendous SLEEVE start with the shrug back so it looks like this deformed sleeve for a monster and had everyone at Jeff's folks' house concerned for my knitting ability, but I'm excited. I'm still checking gauge, so this sweater better damn well fit me as I'm wearing it ANYWAY when I'm done one way or another. I can either look like a knitting goddess showcasing a masterpiece of her knitting ability or a slug with stripes. I'm hoping for the goddess scenario.

Somehow I pissed off Jeff's sister last night without meaning to. Oh well. details later. Maybe not as I'd hate it to get back to her that I think she's a titch high maintenance. I'm actually a titch high maintenance too, but her titch is bigger than mine.

Gotta run, off to pet the yarn!

OH and I can't start my week off on Tues with early Jazzercise as I've got a conference call at 9am. cripes. I'm gonna try to sneak over later in the afternoon as I'm SERIOUS this time. SERIOUS.

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