Monday, January 02, 2006

I'm so proud....

OH BABY, ALL of the people I've taught to knit have now completed and given gifts of their hand-knitted goods. Can you believe it???? Another resolution is to spread this little addiction of mine to all who come near... Yeah for everyone!! I'm going to try to get pics from my students and will post. Miss Amanda finished her first scarf that she started back over a year ago. Then, in a burst of creativity, finished a wool & FUN FUR combo in DARK BLUE yarn in a mere matter of DAYS!!!!! AND she said "hey, I'm almost out of yarn, I'll have to go shopping." YES YES YES!! woo hoo! The two ladies I taught back from the lessons I donated to the school auction have both finished their first scarves, one has finished two scarves and part of a BLANKET! My daughter gave away one of her first purses to her step sister and was so proud! We all need another WOO HOO for that!

SO, remember that little "oh, I'd LOVE to crochet a baby blanket for baby Charlie for his baptism!" crap I was spouting before Christmas? WELL, the baptism is in less than a week and said blanket is only about 8 inches long. Aunt Christine must have been smoking some serious acrylic yarn ends or something when she volunteered that at Christmastime. Yes, we could just spiral wrap the little dickens in it, but that probably isn't going to cut it and preserve my "crafter of the family" "jr. Martha" title here. Nope. And, since I'm no longer stressing over things, I'm not going to crochet until I'm crippled, sleepless and crazy. Nope. I've got an idea. I'm gonna find me an old lady and get a baby blanket and give it to the proud parents. I won't SAY I made it, I'll just smile knowingly and if anyone infers it, fine by me. Now, I've just got to find a baby blanket toting old lady. There used to be a craft mall near 87th & Metcalf, that's my first stop tomorrow. If not, I'll probably end up not sleeping and crocheting, so wish me luck. Anyone know of an old lady in the kc area who'd like to make some $$ for a white baby blanket, let me know!

Yes, that's probably quite evil, but I'm already on that handbasket ride to heck, so this shouldn't speed up the trip too badly. I don't kick dogs or anything, and it's been a long time since I've toyed with the affections of a rich old man, so I figure I'm ok for now.

My goal is to jazzercise tomorrow morning. You know, the first time I met most of those ladies was out drinking and dancing at a live 70's band club. I thought they were crazy from the alcohol. Nope. You chicks are crazy just all on your own. Add alcohol and then you just have MORE freaking energy. I'm still in the back row, but my goal is to get this butt o' mine moving and learning the moves enough to slowly work my way up towards the middle. I'm not even aiming at front row stuff yet, if you girls are that perky that early in the am, it's not gonna happen for a long damn time. wish me luck on this one too.

OH, here's the pic of the ornaments Jeff carved for my folks. I think they're beautiful! Click the little one if you wanna see a bigger image.

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