Tuesday, January 10, 2006


SO, I'm official now. I'm KAL-ing on the Tubey Knit-a-Long, come & join us. You know you wanna. I AM GOING TO KNIT THIS SWEATER AND I WILL WEAR IT SO HELP ME KNITTING GODDESS!!!! I've had what some would call "issues" with knitting sweaters so far. I'm made the move from beginning scarf knitter to experienced felted purse knitter. If you can felt it, I can make it. I have even started learning lace. I am a beginning sock knitter, but for some reason, I can NOT make a sweater that will fit on my body and not make me look like a freak of nature. I have not really wanted to all that badly, but now I MUST KNIT A SWEATER. It is consuming me. I have been dreaming of knitting sweaters and socks. Not thinking of them lovingly kind of dreaming, actual snoring at night DREAMING of knitting sweaters and socks. Looking back, the first attempts weren't all that surprising, close enough gauge really isn't. Yarn substitution on the Tempting made what should have been a lovely lightweight fresh wool blend sweater into a cotton nightmare that weighed more than I did.

ANYWAY, here's my start, isn't it lovely? Don't you just wanna pet it? I'm using my very favorite superwash wool in the WORLD, Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted in Charcoal and don't know what colors I'm making the stripes yet. Click the pick to see the pretty shading of dark greys. It's lovely. Actually, it's loverly. This is the yarn I was cranking out the wrist warmers in, it has such a pretty hand-pained look that gives some interest to the yarn. I've measured my gauge all over the damn thing and am feeling pretty confident. I'm using sz 7s and that's my start from last night on the center of the shrug part.

SO, I'm still feeling like dog crap here in kc. Cough cough cough moan moan moan, repeat. The good part of being sick is you don't feel like eating, so it's always a good weight loss tool. Unless you're an idiot like me. I went and stopped by Jeff's house yesterday morning to pick up some stuff. I sat down and opened up his box of chocolates he had on the coffee table. I thought, "wow, that doesn't even smell good to me" and closed the box, eating none. Chocolate ALWAYS sounds good to me, I will quite possibly be eating on my deathbed. I was so amazed at that fact all day I kept picking up cookies, chocolate candies and the like and smelling them thinking "wow, how is this happening? I really don't want to eat it." Sounds great, huh? Just before dinner, either because I'm mentally challenged or because of the Mexican antibiotics I'm taking (don't ask I was an idiot instead of getting NORMAL drugs I listened to my man) I picked up a chocolate chip and m&m cookie and it still didn't seem that appetizing. I thought "what happens if I eat a bite? Will it still not appeal to me?" What the FUXX was I thinking? Of COURSE it tasted good. Chocolate is one of my main food groups, with beer and ketchup. I scarfed FOUR of them and was craving chocolate all damn night, ending with eating TWO packages of Little Debbie nutty bars before bed. stupid stupid stupid. If, in the future, chocolate ever does not appeal to me, DON'T PICK IT UP STUPID.

Is it any wonder my diet attempts don't work? cripes.

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