Monday, January 30, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the Dog

A fun site with lots and LOTS of info on the Chinese Zodiac signs. The link goes to Monkey (mine) and you can click on yours from there. I always love that stuff. Yahoo has a good chinese horoscope page too.

I finished the tubey sleeves shrug part and have no pictures. You'll just have to believe me that I love it and it FITS so far. I'm going to get picking up stitches later tonight to start on the body part. Cross your fingers that it fits. I keep measuring my gauge like a good little knitter and am quite pleased.

We went to Michael's craft store for the kids' yarn project. It was pretty pathetic. Maybe it was the one we went to, but jeez. My kids could make neater stuff on their own in the basement with limited supplies. Joey made a sad little pile of yarn with google eyes called "Bob" and Beth did stitch some yarn through holes poked unevenly with a pencil (aka looks pretty crappy, couldn't they have at least eye-balled it to come out good? or used a HOLE PUNCH I think they sell them there.) so there were little tears around the holes and pencil marks all over the edges. She stuck a sticker on and wrote "happy valentine's day" and they were both pleased, so I'm sure it's fine. I know I'm a bit anal (yes I know a bit more than a bit) but was pretty sad. Joey said, "couldn't I make some hair or something so the yarn man looks more like a yarn man?" and she said, "I don't know how to do that and I don't think we're supposed to let you." Joey took the glue, snipped some yarn and stuck it on top of the thing's head. They weren't ready at noon like they were supposed to be, so we shopped and then sat and WAITED for 20 minutes because I'm an idiot. THEN the poor lady who was demonstrating the nifty knitter hoop things didn't understand how to do it. I showed her as it's just wrap and lift over, like finger knitting or any of those peg-type boards. My daugher Beth decided she has to have one. The child CAN KNIT with needles, but Must Have the Nifty Knitter MOM. So, she spent her own dang allowance on them. I think they're cute, and a neat idea, but holy moly it takes forever to do something on them. She wants to make a pillow and has completed about 12 rows of the 60+ it wil take. I tried to tell her she could make it with needles in an afternoon, but will take a month to use the little circle thing, but she's happy so I'm shutting up about it.

I'm really boring when no one's pissing me off. It's sad, really. I've had no rants, no raves, just blahhhhhhhh. I'm happy, just boring. Ah well. The week is early. I'm sure someone will get on my badside soon and then I'll have bettter stories.

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