Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Silly boy

So, it's finally happened. I thought my man was a bit off in that he was ENCOURAGING me to visit knitting shops. The few times we've gone out of town with our kids, he's always looked into seeing if a yarn shop is close by. Anyone remember that hideously ugly, no I mean FUGLY, hot pink globby painted BROKEN cedar chest I got for FREE at a garage sale and then dumped in Jeff's garage this summer? I thought it could be fixed up for a storage thing or just chop up and use the cedar bits as moth repellants. The boy has gone and refinished it, building a new top and lock and it's freaking GORGEOUS. He's still got some work to do and I will put some pics on here once it's done. A-Freaking-Mazing work. It's like a showpiece now and I can just see it at the foot of our bed (if WE ever end up with OUR bed instead of this dating and living in two places bs). ANYWAY he also was thinking (as he was working sanding on the new lid with gloves and then taking them off and then putting them back, etc that MAYBE those silly little wrist warmers I've been making every living moment are suddenly a good idea. He asked if I'd make him a pair. But he wanted ACRYLIC as he'll be "rough" on them. I said I'd LOVE to make you some, I've even got a man's version of the ones I've been working on but if I'm knitting them, they're gonna be wool. They can be superwash, but NO FREAKING acrylic. I'm sitting there thinking how wonderful this man is that understands my addiction. He understands me. He understands the woman knitter. Then when he asks what I am doing with my extra Christmas $$ from the parents and a couple of aunts, I say "buying yarn." like "duh". He said, "but you already have a dresser full of yarn." "Why would you want MORE yarn when you have yarn already?" silly boy. I tried to explain the idea of "stash" to him, he was getting into his "teach his frugal ideas to this silly overspending woman" mode, so I distracted him quickly by saying "you know, I could knit nekkid if I had the right yarn" and suddenly he thought buying more yarn was a great idea. Boys. Link it to sex and you can get just about whatever you want.

I forgot to post yesterday that one of my son's best friends' moms from their preschool (and one of my dear friends now) is now KNITTING as well! She decided she wanted to learn, went to the Studio and learned. Then she bought some yarn & circ needles and is knitting a MOBIUS scarf. Not the kind where you knit forever and then stitch it together with a twist. Nope, the real freaking I CAN'T EVEN DO THE CAST-ON FOR THE STINKING THING Mobius scarf. We met for the boys to play at a McD's playland so I could "help" her. OH YEAH RIGHT. I couldn't hardly tell what was going on. I said, did the ladies there suggest this as your first knit? She said, oh, no, I insisted and they were groaning. My faith is restored in their staff. I was a bit concerned there for a while. The chick went back to the Studio about 4 times in 4 days (and lives at least an hour south of there in Raymore, MO) and learned to purl, to to yarn overs, to cast on, bind off and to un-knit stitch by stitch. It was freaking amazing. I thought I was a bit of a quick learner and she put me to shame! LOVE THAT!

My two knitting pupils are now a little knitting group! We went over to one of their houses, brought the kids, turned them loose with video games, a dog and trampoline (with the net around it) and knitted and chatted for about 3 hours. It was WONDERFUL! We're going to expand our little three-some to other mommas at the local elementary school and do a regular little group girl-time thing. :)

Knit knit knit and I've been going over and over on my KnitPicks catalog my sp sent me as I have her $30 gift cert to spend and it's burning a hole in my knitting bag! So much'm getting some shine for a sweater and think I must have sock yarn. No, I've not actually completed 2 matching socks yet, and yes, I have at least enough sock yarn to outfit my entire family in socks, but they're pretty...and if you get the little 2 balls of each color set it comes in its own box. IN ITS OWN BOX...that's like getting the "free" gift at the make-up counter at Dillard's if you ONLY spend a few dollars more.... Somebody slap me. I'm going to make myself knit a pair of socks FIRST then order a few balls....and maybe then get the box.

I'm still using yarn my sp sent me a few months ago, I tell you, it's getting fun digging through the yarn that I have....THANKS again sp!

Jazzy notes...NOT going to make it there until my children are back in freaking school. Who's flippin idea was it for them not to go back until THURSDAY of this week? OH MY GOD I barely survived. Don't get me wrong. I love my kids, but trying to work from home with a 6 year old in my hair is not working. I'm counting down to the drop off tomorrow morning. He's still young enough to love school, so that's great. Beth is due back this Sat, so will miss the first 2 days back at school. Her dad wasn't able to schedule the trip back in time, so I'm being flexible and nice. Yes, I can be nice, but No, I don't really enjoy it. It doesn't agree with me. Being nice makes me eat too many double stuffed oreos. OH YEAH, jazzercise, my big plan is to drop chitlins off at school at 5 min's till 8am and then fly across town to try to make the 8:20am workout m-f or as often as I can. Anyone wanna bet an oreo on how long that lasts?

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