Thursday, December 29, 2005

still here

Sorry people, I'm still here, but probably won't write until after the weekend. Crazy times. We finally had our family's Christmas tonight and I'm pooped. I thought it would be a blessing to have the last Xmas 4 days after the actual holiday, but then you figure an extra 4 days without sleep, knitting and crocheting and plastic canvasing along and I'm tired tired tired. Everyone was appreciative and oohed and aahhhhed and it was sweet. Mom & Dad got Jeff some craftsman tools and Jeff made my folks some beautiful wooden carved ornaments and a gift cert to their favorite restaurant. I got lots of good stuff! Gift cert's to craft stores, yarn stores, makeup (my fave mineral stuff), a sweet bag with pockets and leather and looks all official job-like (now that I'm working from my "virtual office" aka bedroom, I must look official, you know) that I'm thinking would be great for stashing a project in progress, and some other good stuff. It was a great evening, family, food, OH MY LORD, I've got to take a pic of my mom's present from my brother. OH OH OH I almost wet my pants. Pic and story to follow soon, I promise.

Happy Happy, Merry Merry and can we PLEASE stop listening to Christmas carols now????

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