Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Tubby's coming along nicely

OK, that tubey sweater (dubbed Tubby by Jeff) is FLYING off the needles now. It took for-freaking-ever to get through the first sleeve and now I'm already finishing up the color stripe area on the 2nd sleeve. woooooooooo I'm liking this sweater! So far everything fits perfectly, can't wait for the body part! Come and make it with us, it'd be a good first sweater as there's NO seaming! I love that! Tubey Knit-A-Long

I had 2 hours tonight to myself. Did I sit and study like a good girl? Did I work to get ahead on the piles of crap mounting in my little "virtual office" aka corner of my bedroom? Did I fold laundry? Did I knit? nope. I played on my blog! I accomplished nothing other than doing my flickr (don't you love it?) and finally updating the quote of the day (last update was in October, oops) and other little tidbits. I'm someday going to get this thing in shape! Priorities, don't you know?

OH I forgot to put in the dialog that went with the picture my loving daughter took this am. Beth: " hair....DDDUUUUUUUUUDE" Yes, we're at the "dude" and "whatever" phase already. Nice, huh?

I NEED SOME HELP.....It's time for the talk. T.H.E. T.A.L.K. with my 9 yr old daughter as she's asking questions and is getting curious. I remember reading on someone's blog about the best book to share with their girl and I can't remember who's blog or what book. Can anyone suggest something they used? I went to Borders and was overwhelmed by the massive amount of birds & bees books they stock. cripes. I just want to explain things in a simple basic way that in no way allows for my winging it. Things always get interesting when I wing it.

AND by the way, the hair is much less scary now as there's much less of it. Allegra went scissors happy and I couldn't have big hair now if I tried. It's cute, it's short, and I'm sure I'll love it in 4 or 5 days. Apparently Kevin Appier's ex-wife has the same cut but just shorter and we're both "adorable" and have expensive tastes, but she can AFFORD the shxt I'm only dreamin' of. (Kevin A is an ex-pitcher for the KC Royals back a few years). MAN I should'a divorced a richer man than I did. What was I thinking?

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