Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I am woman, hear me "wooooo!"

Yup, that's how we JAZZERCISE women talk. You see, now that I've completed a whole 4 classes, I'm a pro. I'm telling you people, it's almost empowering to start exercising again. I FINALLY got to another freaking class, and I had a BLAST. The teacher, Angela I believe, was very Tina-esque and worked my living ASS off. Well, not quite OFF but she worked it and those thighs. wow. There were a bunch of newbies in the class too, and part-way through she explained that the way you talk in Jazzercise was a big ol WOOOOOOO! I ate well today, rewarded myself with a square of ghiardelli's dark chocolate, and EVEN jog/walked a mile this evening. I'm freaking she-rah.

Tomorrow I take my son Joey to the CF (cystic fibrosis, a genetic lung & digestive disease) clinic at Children's Mercy for his big yearly work-up. They see him every three months, but only do the xrays and blood work once a year unless he's having a tough time of things. We don't do too well with the blood aspect. Wish me luck! He loves going through the rest as he's not what ANYONE would call shy, so has some fans among the nurses and doctors there. He's treated like a king, so it's actually hard to get him to go home. There was a pretty cool article about a hopeful cf therapy that is cheap too. If you're interested, it's here...surfers give clue to cheap CF treatment

I've been knitting along on my tubey sweater, and almost have a sleeve done. I'm so freaking excited, can't stand it!

OH and the books are right, when you have a stitch that needs fixing down a few rows, just knit or purl until you get directly above the bad stitch, drop the stitch and let it travel to one spot below the stitch, and use a crochet hook to work it back up. I always forget which side to do for knits & purls, so I turn the work so the knit side is facing me, insert the crochet hook from front to back and work it up that way. VERY cool. The pics I took didn't turn out very clearly as it's a light off-white fuzzy blanket.

I think I want to learn cables next. I always hear how easy they are and they sound pretty easy, so we'll see.

OH and I signed up on the artyarns website for their short rows & shaping tutorials. It's free and they send you these cool projects & instructions to your email and I'm enjoying this whole "learning" thing. The virgin is learning new things, look out world.

What else, oh since the get in shape and learn new things are going so well, wouldn't you think that "get organized" thing would be kicking along too? Well, it would be, but I lost the damn organizer calendar pack for my damn franklin planner book. nice.

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