Thursday, January 12, 2006

How much do I love this man???

OH MY GOD I wish I had a picture of how ugly this thing was when I dumped it into Jeff's garage to see if it was savable this last summer. It was PINK and I don't mean a pretty pink, I mean a moldy version of barfed up pepto bismal pink. Globby paint and cracked wood, totally broken top, part of the back missing, but made of cedar. Jeff said he was "fixing it up" but I had no idea it was this amazing. I wish I took a better picture. He refinished it, sanded it, repaired it and TOTALLY built a new top out of boards for it. He put on the original (refinished) copper strips and even lightly sanded the inside so the cedar smell is strong enough to scare the bravest moth away from my yarn. Ignore the picture of the inside, it's now filled with yarn yarn yarn!

Jeff came over to the house to take care of me last night. He walked the dog, fed me, had the kids playing quietly so I could nap on the couch and then after I put the kids to bed, he rubbed my back until I fell asleep. AND he brought in the most beautiful HAND REBUILT cedar chest for my yarn. HOW could I not love this man?

PLUS I went to a real doctor and got real, made in the USA medicine. My head and lungs are now so clear it's almost freaky. I am on day 2 of the heavy duty Zpac antibiotics and have this wonderful yummy black cherry flavored CODEINE laced cough syrup, so I'm happily fuzzy and hardly coughing at all.

I thought I'd better get Jeff's fingerless gloves (men don't wear wrist warmers) done for him so I worked on that today instead of my tubey sweater. I'm to the point where I get to join and do the sleeves for the shrug part and am entirely too excited about that. I'm forcing myself to be patient and get Jeff's set done first. I hope to have sleeves done by Monday. OH, I got such a kick last night from Jeff asking why a bunch of women were all knitting a sweater called "tubby". I laughed so hard I almost wet myself. I also had doubled the dose for the codeine syrup, so was pretty much laughing at everything last night.

So much for my big exercise start of January. I'm hoping to be back on schedule and Jazzing starting Tuesday morning as kids are out of school this Friday for some teacher day and Monday for MLK day. I thought Joey's kindergarten teacher got it right as he came home talking about "Mr. King" as this "nice man who taught other people to be nice to each other no matter what." I think the world would be a much better place if we could do what Mr. King taught.

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