Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I lived through my "moment" of the day

OH my holy hell, what a day. I started with the normal single momma mania....worked half an hour, drag kids from beds, get them dressed, fed, and moderately cleaned (one had brushed teeth, one just rubbed fingers over teeth on the way out the door, you know you all did it once in a while too, don't you?) and off to school, drove across town, shimmy shimmy shaked my butt all over the floor and did some SERIOUS sweating with Jazzercise (I am now a believer. I have more energy and more stamina and was able to run into and out of Joey's after kindergarten care all the way without getting out of breath the other day, so it must be working), cruised across town to home, worked and showered and worked again for about an hour, drove to JCCC for my first Trig math class (going through the teacher cert program at Avila, but need a butt-load more math to be a math teacher and it's cheaper at JCCC), mildly FREAKED OUT on the way driving back home to work YET AGAIN.

Let's just say when the teacher kept saying "I hope that wasn't too slow for you" IT FREAKING WASN'T. OH MY GOD I haven't done that crap since HIGH freaking SCHOOL and it was a LONG LONG time ago and I didn't care for Trig very much back then and it hasn't improved a whole heck of a lot from what I can tell. Did I tell you I missed the first day with Joey's checkup? cripes.

Phone call to my honey went something like this....."mother XXXXer mother XXXXer son of a xxxen mother XXXXer" repeat throughout conversation. I'll save you the drudgery of reading that over and over and me from having to type it, but let's just say I curse a BIT when I get stressed. Amidst the cursing, there was some "what the XXXX kind of math teacher do I think I'm gonna make when I can't even XXXXing get through a XXXXing basic Trig class without feeling like a total and complete XXXXing moron?" and "I am going to be working full time and classes full time and children full time and I've only got ONE class so far and I'm XXXXing out already?" and "what the XXXX was I thinking?" and lots of fun stuff like that. THEN a cop pulls out from behind a bridge overpass right behind me and I really let loose about how he'd better XXXXing not XXXXing pull me over and ....... Jeff calmly let me rant and rave and did the "mmm hmmmm" and "uhhh huh" and all the rest of that stuff. Then I say "I know I can do it, I just have to schedule and organize my time better." Then I realized that I lost my freaking ORGANIZER's paper. nice, huh? more stress. I think the entire call lasted all of 5 minutes, so I was doing my SUPER fast talking, so I'm sure he didn't get much anyway. (I could probably be an auctioneer with almost no training from what people tell me)

Jeff finishes by saying "but you knew it was going to be tough, didn't you?" I very nicely and politely refrain from telling him where to stick his remarks, and said "yes, thank you for pointing that out." I also very nicely and politely didn't call the man I love a freaking idiot or a motherXXXXer as I was thinking in my head. See how nice I can be? Then I say, "I know I can do it, I'm she-rah. I can do anything. I'll just schedule. writing it in the book that I can't find with the paper pack that I also can't find will work. It will. I will S.C.H.E.D.U.L.E. my time and everything will work out. I'm scheduling myself a big ol' glass of wine for tonight, but only after finishing work, running to pick up 2 kids from 2 different places and taking them to the dentist's office and then home for homework, baths, dinner and bed. THEN I'm scheduling me some KNITTING and some WINE. Jeff very smartly decided to "not bother you tonight honey" as I think he's scared of "freaking-out-militantly-organizing-Christine." who wouldn't be? I scare myself sometimes.

Now I'm sitting here with an entire half an hour before I need to be anywhere or do anything. I'm going to go sit down and knit and drink a diet coke. I've only had ONE today, so am in some serious need of caffeine. Thank God I'm not PMS-ing or I'd really be scary.

Thank you for sharing my moment and the joy that I survived. May you survive your damn stress moments too!

Added later at 10pm...
OK, so the boyfriend is actually still the sweetest boy in the world. He called to make sure I was not stressing and to tell me he's not sure what he can do to help, but he'll help in any way he can. He even went through his old text books from college saying he'd learn it with me and we'd do the homework together if I wanted to. I just thanked him for letting me curse at him for a few minutes today and now feel much better. Life's too short to be all stressy. PLUS I found my Franklin Planner AND the sheets to put in it (of course in different places) AND both kids' school pictures (that I lost way before Xmas)!!!! wooo hooooo! I told you I was she-rah, didn't I? We women can do anything! AND to boost my superwoman powers, I'm visiting Allegra tomorrow to see what she is going to do about my funky hair. Can I get another whooo hooo?

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