Monday, January 23, 2006

Not as much done as I would have liked, but oh well

SO we had a great weekend! How about you guys? I tell you, I've just got sunshine coming out of every pore of my body. I'm freaking obnoxiously cheerful. AND it's Monday. scary, huh? bwa ha ha haaaaaa.

Exercised again, or as Jeff calls it my "exorcism of the butt cheeks". sweet, huh? I'm telling you people, you need to come jazzercise with me.

What else? OH there's the Sunflower Knitting Guild that meets the 3rd Monday evening at 6:30pm and the 1st Monday morning at 9:30am of the month. I'm gonna try to get there next month on the Monday morning thing if I can. They meet at the Lutheran Church of the Resurrection at 91st and Mission Rd in Prairie Village (not too far from the Panera, mmmmmmm). I've never been, but have heard good things.

OH, the sleeves are not quite where I wanted to be, but I'm loving the ONE sleeve and back that I've got. I'm having a bad hair day, hence the neck down shot. Click the lovely model below to see an upclose version of the cool pooling of the yarn I'm using in place of stripes. I can't wait to get started on the body to see what pattern it'll make there. The pics here are a bit dull, the contrast is actually brighter.

Spent the whole weekend with Jeff and my kids. We went to Joey's bb game, you've not lived until you attend a 6 yr old basketball game. The crowd echos with "DRIBBLE HONEY" and "THAT MEANS BOUNCE THE BALL" and "DON'T RUN WITH THE BALL IN YOUR HANDS" etc. My superstar can dribble, but isn't too hot on the whole shooting thing. It's a riot. He did make the only points of the team (2pts) last game passed the ball to his friend under the basket who made a shot. Friday night we only lost 4 to 14, so we're improving. There are two boys on the team, who, bless their little hearts, are scared to death of the ball. The one doesn't want to be there, but his dad is convinced he just needs more practice and more YELLING at him. oooooh yeah, that'll help. The other one is a crackup. He's all "I'm OPEN I'm OPEN throw me the ball!!!!" over and over and OVER until a kid actually passes to him, then he screams and runs away. They have fun, and that's what counts. Plus there is some serious entertainment value going on.

We went for an "adventure" at a Japanese steakhouse after the game with Jeff. The boy can put away a serious amount of sushi. Not the pretty sushi with rice and veggies all rolled up, nope. The colorful sticky or crunchy fish eggs and slabs of uncooked fish. I prefer my meat cooked, thank you very much. I did try one bite of some strange fish egg thing and it felt like a combo of slime and pop rocks. Beth ate a chicken breast and rice and Joey ate his standby snuck-in-by-mom peanut butter and chips. We had so much fun watching the knives and the fire fire FIRE and I ate until I almost rolled myself home.

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