Friday, January 06, 2006

Just call me Shaky Legs McGee

OK. I did it. dammit. One and a half Jazzercise classes this morning. 8 freaking 20 am. I even "whoo-hooed" twice. twice. I then went to work (though I'm AT WORK more now that it's "virtual" and am supposed to be at home than when I was SUPPOSED to be at work and WAS at home, cripes). I carried 14 trips of heavy trashcans full of paper up the stairs to the dumpster. I ate 2 bananas and drank a bottle of water. I'm so flippin healthy this morning I might just keel over dead.

I'm getting a bit stressed as the shop I visited yesterday had NO baby blankets. cripes! I'm sure I could've crocheted the thing by now, but did I mention I'm a bit lazy? L.A.Z.Y. SO I've got one more option and you all better be crossing your fingers for me that there's a white baby blanket there or I'm gonna be up hookin' it all night long. Baby Charlie's baptism is Sunday and he may or may not be wrapped in a lovely white softness. Why do I volunteer these things? Hey, that was 2005. The 2006 resolution chicadee is the NO NO NO woman.

3pm later that day...WELL CRAPPPPPPPOLA, the little craft mall I remembered has been replaced. Back when the Walmart Neighborhood market came to town, apparently they were bumped out. damn damn damn. I'm off to crochet crochet crochet. OH and the whole healthy eating thing went out the window. I got a big foot long chilli cheese coney at Sonic complete with tator tots and diet coke. mmmmmm mmmmmmm good. I left a few tots in the bag, so I wasn't a total pig and I put enough ketchup on there to qualify for a full servings of veggies. That meal in itself wasn't so bad, but the kicker is to get that taste out of your mouth it takes chocolate. A sugar free breath mint isn't gonna do it. You know how wine tasters use a saltine cracker and a swish of water to cleanse the palette? I use chocolate. After something salty, you need chocolate. After something sour? chocolate. Sweet? chocolate. Alcoholic? lots of chocolate. Anyone wonder why I now need to lose 35 pounds? hmmmm. I can't do the life without chocolate. It's just not going to happen. I tried before Christmas and think the severe shock to my body is what put me in the migraine state. There's worse things to be addicted to, at least this one makes my breath smell yummy.

Happy weekend everyone, I'll be crocheting crocheting crocheting. I even just joined the knit along for knitty's tubey too! I was SO in the mood to start on that! Maybe I'll just go swatch some yarn and see if that helps my startitis to chill a bit. Anyone else making this around here? I'm not sure what yarn to use yet. I may have to spend my gift cert from my sp on some wool of the andes, but I think it'd be too itchy. I just can't decide. I heard a few girls were using cascade superwash, so maybe, we'll see. depends on what colors they have and if I can get gauge. Me, getting gauge? hah!

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