Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Summer Knitty and making Dress Forms

The summer issue of Knitty's up! woo hoo! It's full of patterns for men! Jeff's been hinting that he wants me to knit him something...I've been putting it off because there's no manly patterns that I could handle and there's always the boyfriend sweater curse....no, really, I figure I'd better be able to knit a sweater I can actually wear before I try making him one. He wants socks, but as I've only completed ONE sock so far, that's not gonna happen yet. At first I thought he was teasing, but I think he really wants something made by his honey. I'm thinking MAYBE I'd like to work up to this sweater Baseball and I think I need to have this sweater Saranac all for myself! In the meantime, this hat Tychuslooks like of cool, and I'm liking the cigar gloves, but the idea of knitting those little fingers scares me silly. Anyone else got a good idea for something EASY yet manly? I also like that the two-colored hat uses cheap and washable acrylic yarn.

OK, I don't know why I would need this, but I'm totally obsessed and GOING to make this...check it out.... Duct-Tape Dress Form and Paper-Tape Dress Form. OK, I have a reason, wouldn't this be a cool way to display a lovely shawl or scarves at the knitting art sale? very artsy, no? A body cast of moi made of duct tape? HOW cool is that? (and you KNOW I'm putting the silicone self-stick bra inside my bra because who wants to see a flat chested body form? so very sad). I got the links from this sassy little knitting Cuban momma down in Miami, Nite Time Knitter.

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