Wednesday, July 20, 2005

OK, so I forgot it was a KNITTING blog...

(Hot date details in blog entry below)

Look what I just bought for a measley $3.75 and NO shipping, immediate download and you can pay with paypal. OHH I can't wait to make this, does anyone else see matching mom & daughter one skein wonders?

One Skein Wonder

Check out the one skein wonder gallery

Great, now after reading Miss A go on about Chipotle I have to eat there. Can't you hear it? Christineeeeeeeeee come buy your some guacamole........$10 buys you heaven....chicken salad, chips, guac and large diet coke. Dammit, when's Pinkie getting here so I can go??? (Ok, so she's not so pink any longer, she's almost normal looking, quite freaky in itself)

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