Thursday, July 07, 2005

that rainbow boucle stuff SUCKS

SO, the bigger-than-the-dog yarn skeins SUCK SUCK SUCK. I tried, I really REALLY did. I could NOT find the damn end. I even tugged out a significant part of the guts of the damn thing, and STILL never found the end. I don't know if there even IS an end in there. I couldn't even find a yarn that would pull from the middle even cutting in the midst. I snapped the damn yarn twice, gave up and started knitting from the OUTSIDE of the biggest yarn ball this side of the Mississippi (does anyone else have to sing the little M-i-double-s-i..... when they type that state too?). CRIPES. The pattern may lend itself to some NICE yarn, I'm going to try it on something else. BIG ASS YARN BALL #1 is headed for the trash tonight. I couldn't even feel right about giving it to some old lady in a nursing home. Big-ass ball #2 is being very quiet trying not to be noticed and thrown out as well.

I tried not using BLACK yarn and BLACK fun fur this time and got a bit done on a crappy little ugly purse crocheting it in pinks, but gave up on it too. I went back to working on my clapotis that has been sitting patiently in its little bag. I'm sticking with the good yarn. Life is too short to knit with crappy yarn. PLUS it's about as expensive as (normally) cheap yarn comes in littler skeins so you have to have more of it. Back to using up some of my stash I guess.

Didn't get my toes did, dammit. I got detoured by "a quick stop" at the outlet mall. Yeah, you saw that one coming, didn't ya? $200 later, I didn't have the heart, the money or the time to do them, so they're put off for this weekend after I return some of the crap I bought today. I should NOT be allowed in a mall-like environment with a short amount of time. Something happens to me and I get in a totally psychotic SPEND SPEND SPEND IT ALL NOW bwaaa haaaa haa haaaaaa mode. It's quite frightening. Before my wedding to knucklehead years ago, my daddy sent me & Jildo to the mall with ONE HOUR before it closed for me to pick up "a few outfits" and "whatever else you think you need honey" thinking he was safe. What could us two girls do with one credit card in an hour? silly man. I got my mall-walk going...lets just say the credit card company called to verify the card had not been stolen and leave it at that. plus I had some seriously cute outfits. This weekend I go back to the mall and leave with less clothes and more money.

JILDO'S COMING TO TOWN! woo hoo! She's getting in tomorrow night! Our plans include SHOPPING (after returns of course), GAMBLING, DRINKING, EATING, and getting some sun. What could be better?????

Mark & Russell's big tree in front of their house got struck by lightning Sunday night and split it down to the ground. They are also re-doing their roof THEMSELVES, crazy-ass men, so let's all hope for no more rain and storms for a few more days!

I just realized NO ONE pissed me off today. Is that frightening or what? Tomorrow I send Jeffey-boy as Jildo calls him, and his two boys on a plane for Miami. Yes, they are heading down to meet Hurricane Dennis. They were planning on sailing to bermuda and fishing and snorkeling and sailing for a week. The storm's heading for the gulf and they're going to be on the outside of FL, but they will probably have to spend some extra time in the marina in Miami as I'm sure they'll get lots of rain & waves from the outskirts of the storm. MAN what is it about trying to get to FL this year? sharks, hurricanes, humiditiy, cripes. How do you Floridians do it? OH with those gorgeous beaches, nice people and good food, that's right. I forgot. Hope you all get through the storm ok!

I'm hoping to sell EVERYTHING not currently being utilized on ebay this next couple of weeks, so I'll let you ladies know if I'm getting rid of any good stuff with the multitude of CRAP. If anyone wants my crappy yarn, let me know. I'll send it free. It hasn't made it to the trash yet, but will within the next day, so speak now or forever hold your peace!

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