Friday, July 22, 2005

Life updates (SERIOUSLY long-ass boring post with some romance novel drivel at the end)

Knitting stuff:
Did I start the one skein wonder? nope. That would have made sense. Did I start the afghan I'm supposed to make for my bro's wedding NEXT WEEKEND? nope. They live in south FLORIDA off the beach, who needs a warm blanket in Florida? I'll do it later and mail it to them. Did I use yarn from my stash to complete a pattern I've already got? nope. I went to the yarn store and bought some cool Plymouth Eros ladder/ribbon/two stranded/weird yarn in a series of pinks (hot to pale) and black to make mobius wraps for my daughter and I (pinks for the kid, black for momma). I thought I'd just whip them out. I've now started and frogged at least 4 times, with not much to show. We'll see. I think I may just give up and try to whip up the wonder to wear Friday night at the rehearsal dinner.

Work stuff:
Still have a job, that's always good. Local bossman was asking if my 2 year anniversary wasn't coming up soon. (It's in about a week). He was saying he didn't think I'd be able to get much if anything as ..... (company's quickly going DOWN) I said I know, no biggie. Seeing as when the company was "doing fine" I got screwed on the raise/renegotiation thing, no surprise there. The job is really working out great for me, and I seem to be getting enough work done to keep bosses happy, so it's all good. God help me if I have to go back to the corporate world! I'd better get my ass in motion and get enrolled at Avila to get my teaching certificate. If I can do it right, I can be ready to student teach when this place decides to close its doors.

Health update:
Thanks to you ladies for advice on the not-pooping thing! You totally rock! Apparently all women do NOT have iritible bowel syndrome. I just could not bring myself to eat dried fruit, (I have been known to suck the chocolate off choc. covered raisins and spit out the wrinkled raisin), and the whole eating healthy boat sailed LONG ago. My new plan, eat as much healthy stuff as I can stand and THEN eat the normal crap I like. I tried to eat 3 servings of dairy, 5 veggie or fruit servings and 2 protein servings a day along with whole grains in my bread. I tried to stay away from that corn syrup thing that's in EVERYTHING I like. I was actually FULL most of the time, only at a little chocolate at the end of the day, and I can't believe it, but was pooping EVERY DAY, and sometimes TWICE. Freaked me out seriously. I have to admit today's good eating plan was shot to heck by the chocolate covered pretzels (seriously, who can resist Nestle Flipz?) that became my breakfast today with a big-ass diet coke. Ah well, I'll do the cheerio thing later.

Lovey-Dovey update:
SO, yesterday I was sitting there, working at home (I know, I know, it's a hard thing to imagine--me actually WORKING) but I was. I get a call from Mr. Wonderful and he said he just had about 20 minutes but had to see me, did I have any iced tea? He stopped by between seeing clients, we went downstairs and drank some iced tea, chatting about our days and he said "I did a lot of thinking out on the water last week." Always the great conversationalist, I said "huh." He said he made a decision to live life more like I do, living for the moment, enjoying what happiness was available instead of being afraid to take a risk. Again, I said "huh." He said he tried to think of reasons not to let himself get too attached to me but the negative things he thought about, my flightiness, always losing my keys, how I get so stressed out I'm crazy, doing 15 things at once, talking faster than he can understand, crying at disney cartoon movies, going up over the curb every time I parallel park... (he had quite a few here actually)...they just made him want me in his life even more. One more "huh" from me. He put down our iced teas, stood up, picked me up in his arms, hugged me tight and said "you know I love you, right?" I took a breath or two and said "uh huh" and and then told him I think I love him too. AAAAAWWWWWWWW He's not really a man of many words, so he said it's hard for him to say things like that, he usually shows how he feels by his actions. I'm very good with that, as his actions towards me have always been kind and thoughtful.

So the bitter old relationship-phobia no-committment chicadee is in love. Who'd a thunk it? Still no rushing into anything, we're just going to spend more time together when and where we can. I guess my days of Italian Stallion, young-boi and old guy dating are over. Plus he's cute as hell. He's out of town with his boys for the last week of his vacation during my baby bro's weddding, so he gets out of meeting the whole BIG ASS German Catholic family. (Dad was 3rd oldest out of 14 kids and mom's 3rd youngest out of 11 kids...they all had big families and we're all close which can be seriously overwhelming for a normal person.)

Funniest thing I read today:
Justinland's How many Bush administration officials does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Have a great weekend you guys!!!

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