Monday, July 25, 2005

If I wanted it this hot, I'd live on the beach

Cripes, how have I not melted away like the wicked witch of the west? humid humid humid hot hot hot ugh.

Well, I took my munchkins and my lovahboy to the lake to stay with mom & dad this last weekend. We had a blast. His boys were with their mom, so it was not too overwhelming for my folks (we resemble a regular brady bunch when we all get together). I didn't realize he's never really spent more than 10 or 15 minutes with my parents, so this was kind of a test for the guy. He seemed totally comfortable and my folks seemed to enjoy him as well. In fact at 1pm on Sat, both kids were playing INSIDE the air conditioning (I forced them out of the lake as I was afraid my little red heads would spontaneously combust if they didn't take a break from the sun), mom was napping, I crashed on the couch. Jeff and my dad decide to take a WALK. OUTDOORS. In the unbelievably HUMID-ASS 104-in-the-shade sunny day. They went hiking all over the place so Dad could show his land and Jeff and he could talk boats, fishing and all things manly. He came back and I told him I was so glad he found a little friend to play with so I didn't have to take my lazy butt outdoors. We boated, we swam, we sea-dooed, we ate, we snuggled down on the deck watching the world go by at night with LOTS of citronella candles burning. Ahh the scent of citronella on the evening breeze, romance at its finest. As dear old Martha would say, it's a good thing. He's off on a week at his folk's lakehouse with his boys for the last of his vacation time. I plan on getting lots done work-wise, knitting-wise, and catching up on tv-wise.

Speaking of tv, has anyone else watched the Empire miniseries? I FINALLY watched the first two weeks I had tivo-ed and am LOVING this show! The guy playing Mark Antony is quite the hottie. yumm. I knit half a sophie out of some noro I had in my stash last night. Gonna try to watch the most recent episode tonight and finish it off.

We're heading to the KC Royals game tonight. Yes, the worst team in baseball, the poor boys! It's hard to feel sorry for guys making millions of dollars while I have to count my change at the end of each pay period, but ah well. We're gonna wear blue, holler loud when they do something good and eat hotdogs and Gates BBQ and SWEAT. Dad's got extra tickets from his company, so it should be fun. FREE PARKING! WOO HOO!

OMG I almost forgot. I've got a new OLD GUY STORY for you! For those of you newer readers, I love old people. The grumpier and older and craggier the better. I have also been known to date a few SLIGHTLY older men (Kenny Rogers look-alikes, but not old & craggy, don't worry), but that's another tale entirely. I dropped off some paperwork for the Jewish Community Center's Art Sale I'm doing in September and was walking back to my truck last Thursday morning. This older Russian man was walking along, whistling to himself and smiled at me. Being the freak that I am, I pleasantly say "hello! Enjoying the day?" SHOOT ME NOW!!! WHY don't I learn NOT to talk to strangers????? Let's see, about 15 minutes later, he's standing outside my car door with it propped open, I've learned that his wife "she die of the cancer breast" last March, he shaved his beard when she died in sorrow and now it is regrowing since his heart is learning to live again. I know, sweet or what? so I just sit there chatting away, listening to his tale. He tells me his "English no good" and I have a flashback to creepy Italian old guy from Marco Island that wouldn't leave the kids and I alone, but brush off the feeling thinking, aw, no, this is just some sweet old man. After hearing "my heart, it is better when I see beautiful women" ...... cripes. Let's skip ahead to the end of the conversation..."in my old country, when an old important man is sick, you know what they do? Just like in old stories in your bible..." Anyone? Anyone? I remembered a flashback to King David (or some other king, Solomon? I'm not sure, I'm Catholic, not up on all the Bible details of who begat whom) or some other old king that they searched the country for the most beautiful young virgin to put into BED with him to "administer to him". I thought, surely not... YUP. He said in the old country, they would find a beautiful young virgin for the old man and it made his heart stronger. I thought, well here in America, the young ones normally give the old guys heart attacks and run off with their money, but I said, "huh". Well, I'm not young, I'm certainly not a virgin (2 kids here plus a few escapades in my day) and the beautiful was pushing it. I thanked him for his compliment, shut the door, smiled and wished him luck finding his sweet young thing to heal his heart. When will I learn NOT to talk to strangers????? Hey, not every 36 yr old tramp can say she was called a young, beautiful virgin, can they?

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