Wednesday, July 13, 2005

funky felts

So this is what I did last night:

I wanted to experiment with the leftover schaefer esperanza I had from the felted groove bags. I started with a round crocheted bottom and think I like that, it turned out pretty well. I'm not sure how to do the top, I think I'll pinch it in like shown and use a black cord for the strap, running it through? can't decide. I'd love to have made an icord strap, but didn't have enough yarn. I want to felt it one more time as the stitches are still pretty visible but I don't want it to get too small. Any thoughts? That was just ONE time through the wash, so who knows. Maybe I'll try it.... I also added an extra row of single crochet around the bound off edge and I really like the detail!

I am LOVING this stuff: Crystal Light on the go packets, you pop these puppies open and pour into your water bottle, shake, and voila, sugar free and calore free drinks! Yum! I am so freaking lazy, I swear. (Don't buy them from the site, I don't know if it's reputable or not, I just wanted a pic to show) If I actually make up an entire pitcher of lemonade, it sits in the fridge and gets all moldy and I end up throwing the whole thing out (I go through lots of cheap plasticware at my house) because I just grab a bottle of water. Now I'm shaking and drinking! woo hoo.

What else? Oh, kid #1 is supposed to come home this Sunday! yeah! Kid #2 was up in the night with ear pain. cripes. He was only off the antibiotic from the last sinus infection for about 5 days and the coughing and congestion is back. You know how Chuckie sounds on rug rats? Yup, that's my snuffly little boy. Motrin and warm washcloths and sleeping the rest of the night on mom in the lounge chair helped. We went in to the pediatrician where our regular dr was out and we had his partner, a good doctor, but one that hasn't been properly "trained" to realize that just because I'm a mom and NOT a doctor does NOT mean I'm an idiot. I have learned when Joey is really sick and when he's moderately sick from being his primary care giver and medical chic. I listened to the requisite speech of "just because a child sniffles doesn't mean he needs antibiotics......most dr's prescribe antibiotics too often.....if the child doesn't have a fever it is very rarely an actual infection.....(Joey does NOT get fevers until he's almost in a coma state of infection, it's weird, but that's the way it goes and it's IN his file and I told the damn dr that too).....on and on and on...... Finally doctor-man quits lecturing long enough to actually LOOK into the kids' ears and huh, what'll you figure, BOTH ears are heavily infected. huh. Guess he DOES need the damn antibiotics after all. He also has a bit of "crackling" in his right lung in the front lobe. That is what it sounds like through the stethoscope when a cf kid (or other people with lung probs) have congestion in there. None is the goal, a little's ok, but too much and he's pretty sick. I know, I know, patience.... I'm sure the guy sees a lot of moms freaking out over a little thing and demanding their antibiotics and such, so it makes sense to give the warning first. But, GOD I hate being talked down to and pushed around by some members of the medical community. I think I'm overly sensitive to it because Joey was not diagnosed for the first 3 1/2 months of his life because I kept listening to the doctors telling me they knew better than I did when I KNEW that something was WRONG. ANYWAY, the kid feels ok, I think he's used to being infected with sinus infections all the time, so he doesn't really know any different. He's spending the day at home and I took him to work with me for a couple of hours where he made his own cubicle out of (guess what?) cardboard boxes. Bossman seemed to enjoy him and I got some work done.

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