Wednesday, July 27, 2005

yadda yadda yadda

OH HOLY HECK the heat-wave is broken. It rained yesterday and now at 11:30am it is only 68 freaking degrees outdoors, sunny, NOT TOO HUMID and lovely!!! WOO HOO!!

I tossed a sophie knitted with noro and the purse that looked like a spittoon into the wash last night to felt. They both need another round today, the sophie's looking GOOD the spittoon-looking purse is looking like a felted spittoon. I thought it could be this cool funky purse, but not so much. ah well, who doesn't need a felted spittoon purse? It could be THE most necessary fashion accessory of the fall.

I FINALLY caught up on all my blog reading yesterday! I also accomplished about 4 hours worth of laundry. I still have the two trashbags of hand-me-downs Beth brought home from her step sister in NM. I just shoved them under her bed so I don't have to look at them. Too much laundry can kill a woman. Back in my June Cleaver days of early marriage in NM with the ex, I used to ENJOY laundry. I had this big ol' clothesline that you pulled out from the house and hook onto a metal post. I'd hang our clothes out on the line, look at the mountains in the distance, enjoy the fresh air and commune with nature. Not quite the same now. ah well.

What else? OH, Monday night could have really sucked, but for some reason, it was a blast. We get home in the 198 degree heat to a house with NO ELECTRICITY. yup. One of the neighbors back behind us never got his trees trimmed after the last big ice storm and a branch took out the power line. fun fun fun. You know, it's an "adventure" when you have no electricity in the winter, but you have candles, sleeping bags and wood-burning stoves for heat. It's not so adventurish in late July humidity. We couldn't huddle in the basement since the carpets were cleaned that morning and the fumes were too heavy. We put together puzzles, drank water and ate cold hot dogs and chips for dinner, yummy. Electricity (and air conditioning) came back on in time for us to leave the house.

My dad had his company night at the KC Royals, so we headed out to General Admission in right field (aka DIRECT SUNLIGHT) for a hot night of watching the teams with the best and worst records in baseball. Mom was bugging me to take towels out with I took them to get her to quit bugging me. The woman KNOWS her stuff. Those dark blue metal seats could've fried eggs and red-headed children upon them. Towels saved our butts and backs. We sat there with sweat running down us, inhaling the four bottles of water I brought. By 8:00, the sun went behind the bleachers and the entire G.A. section breathed this big "aaaahhhhh" all at once, it was a riot. The Royals gave up 5 runs in the first inning, could've been a totally boring game, but they hung tough and got the 12 hits we needed for the fans to all get dozens of Krispy Creme donuuts (why is KC one of the fattest cities??? anyone???) and we even saw a home run with fireworks exploding in the air above us. Kids were GREAT, we had dippin dots, TONS of water, snacks brought from home and watched the boys in blue play a little ball.

We sat in a crowd of strange people. You probably know them. Two rows in front of us is Drunk Waving Guy. He would stand up at strange times and yell "BOB, HEY BOB! BOB! BOB! HEY BOB!" and wave with his entire body. This would go on for a few minutes until Bob finally decided to wave at the guy. A few minutes later, it was on to "JOHN, HEY JOHN!" and so on. I think he said howdy to everyone he knew from work at least 3 times. His wife would laugh, slap him on the butt and tell him to sit down. each time. for the entire game. my butt would'a been a bit sore by then.

Directly behind us was Really Big Momma. Really Big Momma had 8 kids. Not that there's anything wrong with that. She took up the entire area from the back of her seat to the back of MY seat. Really Big Momma had a really big voice to go along with her big presence. She yelled at her kids (who were all sitting very quietly watching the game) and then REALLY loud at her hubby who was at the other end of the clan. He ignored her, pulled his trucker ball cap down over his mullet and so she went back at yelling at the kids. She was eating all kinds of food & ice cream and such but her kids didn't have anything. I was seriously concerned for the two little twin boys at the end of the row as they looked overheated and I was trying to think of a non-offensive way I could give them some water. Their dad took them out for a while and when they came back, one of the other co-workers must have taken pity on them as they all had frozen lemonades with those cool wooden spoon-like slats of wood and looked more alive. Really Big Momma had a lot of really big bodily noises as well. We moved over to another area after coming back from getting our dippin dots and things were much more enjoyable.

The kids and Drunk Waving Guy kept trying to start the wave but it never really caught on enough to go around the stadium. I hate the wave. The kids loved it, I finally waved a finger to get into the spirit. Not that finger, I was a good girl.

We get up to leave around the end of the 6th inning as both kids are falling asleep, and we CAN'T FIND THE FREAKING TRUCK. Now, I'm a ditsy person. I never know where I park, so I have to park in the same place at the mall every time I shop. If I am on my own somewhere, I actually write down where I park and put it my pocket. If I'm with a responsible person (my dad never gets lost EVER), I don't worry about it. We parked on a different side from where we normally park at the stadium, so for 35 minutes, THIRTY FIVE MINUTES, Dad wanders around holding Joey's hand and I wander with Beth. We not only can't find the truck, we lose each other and Dad's cell phone is turned off. We keep meeting other lost souls clicking their alarm buttons and see other cars and suv's lights flashing, but none are the missing blazer. It was like a start of a bad horror film....Do you know how many red suv's look alike in the dark parking lot? I finally found Dad again, ask him to PLEASE call on-star and have them turn on the alarm, (men never seem to do things the easy way), and we finally hit the truck. cripes. Both kids fall asleep on impact of hitting their seats and we get home around 10:30pm. I don't know why, but everyone was in a great mood and had a blast. The kids woke up the next day asking if we could go back that night too.

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