Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I've got a hot date!

OK, so I forgot to tell you. I was out getting groceries and I thought about my honey. (He was on the sailboating through the hurricane trip) He had left home with his fridge totally empty. I think there MAY have been a few bottles of condiments in there, but that was it. I've never seen a fridge that empty outside of Sears or Home Depot. I knew his flight was getting in late at night and he wouldn't have any food, so I picked up a few things, loaf of bread, bologna, cheese, milk, cereal and some fruit. I dropped them off in the house before he got home so he could feed the kids before bed and in the morning without having to go out to the store. I just thought it was a nice little thing as he's always doing thoughtful stuff for me and I'm normally all lazy. He was so touched by this little thing that he told all his family and friends and NOW they LOVE ME. They liked me before, but apparenlty they're LOVING me bigtime. I asked him what's the big deal about a package of bologna? It wasn't even the whole beef kind, it was made of chicken and pork and cow "parts". Apparently the ex-wifey wasn't too nice so this is like I bought him a house or something. Now I'm a "keeper". :)

He called me yesterday afternoon and asked if I'd like to go on a real date with him. AWWWWWwwwwwww I know, I love it. We're going out to an Italian dinner at a tiny old-school restaurant near my house that is FABULOUS for dinner & wine and then if it's not raining for a walk in the park and then back to drop me off early for the evening as we both have early mornings tomorrow for work. Sweet, huh? I get to get all dressed up and everything.

I have NOT started on either an afghan for my brother's wedding OR the mobius wraps I wanted to make for my daughter and me. Oh well, nothing like a bit of a deadline to get things moving. I did just throw 2 little bags and the thing that looks like a spittoon into the washing machine to start felting, so that's exciting at least.

One last note, my son is addicted to Herbie the Love Bug. We saw the Herbie Fully Loaded movie 3 times, found the original Love Bug dvd at wal-mart and just got Herbie goes to Monte Carlo. One of the not-so-nice drivers trying to knock Herbie out of the race is none other than actor that plays Victor Newman on the Young and the Restless, my momma's fave show. I cracked up once I realized it. I can't find a pic of him in the movie, I'll have to do some searching as it's a riot seeing him in full 70's racing attire.

Gotta go shave, curl and primp for my date and get the kids ready for gma and gpa to babysit. :)

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