Monday, July 18, 2005

Rub some dirt on it...and weekend update

The cute hair is BACK baby! I called Allegra and said WHAT KIND OF CRAP DID YOU PUT IN MY HAIR???? (I have at least 1/2 of Beauty Brands products crammed into my bathroom and bedroom closet) I'd used up everything and NOTHING was working and my Lovahhboy was coming back and wanted to see me Sat. night. I was a teensy bit stressed and wanted my sexy hair dammit! She used 3 products from Maxtrix but the secret ingreedient was the Matrix Dirty Trix. I went out and hit Beauty Brands, where I found the stuff FINALLY on 1/2 price clearance. If you want some serious lift, no-humidity-gonna-make-your-hair-flat crap for your hair, get yourself to beauty brands NOW. I actually bought 4 tubs just to be safe. Seriously, the stuff is thick clay mud. You rub it hard with the palms of your hands to get it warmer and a bit more flexible and then scruch the CRAP out of your hair and it's my very VERY favoritest thing EVER. Allegra is the ultimate hair-goddess and anyone wanting interesting cuts in KC area, let me know. She's amazing. But you gotta believe and let her do whatever she dang well wants, so it can be scary. Yup, paying good money for dirt to rub into my hair. makes sense.

Good hair in place, Sat. night I went to dinner with Mark and Russell, caught up on all the gossip, and ate yummy stuff, went to Borders, got my Harry Potter book (yeah!) and then my honey called and said he was back from the airport would I come by and see him? Of COURSE! I swear that man is either just extrememly thoughtful on his own or his ex-wife trained him well. He took me in his arms, hugged me tight, kissed me like old-time movie big kisses, looked at me and told me the new haircut was the sexiest thing he'd ever seen. He picked me up, asked me if I got lighter while he was gone. Is he good or what??? OH OH OH I am liking this man. NOT RUSHING INTO ANYTHING people, don't worry! I'm just all shiny-happy-people all the time. He and his boys had a blast, survived Hurricane Dennis in a sailboat and then were stuck in Miami until Tues. They couldn't make it over the rough waters to the bahamas, but were able to go out and island hop on some closer islands and fish and swim and basically have the time of their lives. They even brought back cool tie-die shirts for the kids and me. :)

My daughter came back home yesterday afternoon from FOUR WEEKS with her dad in New Mexico. That's a long freaking time! WOW, I don't think either her little brother or our dog was more than 2 steps away from her the whole afternoon. She had a blast, came back all grown up and I swear she's a "tween". She wants to call all her friends to let them know she's back and get caught up on the social circle that is 3rd-grade. She was dropped off at her summer camp/summer program thing and by the time I left she was surrounded by a circle of friends, giggling and smiling. Good times.

OH, Friday night I survived the big sleep-over. Joey's friend is sweet as can be, but is known for being a bit wild (he used to get too excited and end up hurting his friends sometimes) and is on ritalin (or some variant of it) to boot. They were angels the whole night, played well, built lego lands, tents from card tables and sheets, ate dinner, snacks, played played played with no fighting and nothing getting broken. I had felt a bit worried as FIVE teachers said, "you're taking HIM home? Overnight? really?" and I heard quite a few "good luck"'s and one of Joey's old teachers from the school year offered to bring by a six-pack of Mike's Hard Lemonade for me. I thought, well, heck, I must be supermom or something as this was no big deal. I got to sit and knit and finished 2 more purses ready for felting. All was copacetic until about 9pm. Apparently the medicine wears off at bedtime. yup. My kid was alseep on the folded-out couch. The other boy was having a few "problems" settling down. Actually he couldn't phsically lie still. He was really trying, but a leg would start flying up or he'd jump up and start jumping on the bed, or run around the room, whatever, you name it, he was doing it. FREAKISHLY hyped up. At 10:30pm, I thought "MAN I wish I had me some of that liquor!" But we were able to play a game of statues and he was still for 30 seconds and was instantly asleep. wow. The next morning he got that morning pill within about 3 minutes of waking up. He was an angel until his folks came to get him. I'm normally not a big believer in drugging little chitlins, but once they got the right dosage for this little guy (for a week he was like a zombie and the next week like a crack-head-junkie until they hit it right the 3rd week) it really seems to help him out.

That's it, back to work.

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