Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Holy crap I've got a LOT OF CRAP

So, I spent the evening listing stuff on ebay. Yeah for me! The scary thing is this is only the SCRATCH of the surface of said crap. If you'd like to see what the Knitting Virign is unloading, check out my ebay stuff. Right now there's no yarn or knitting paraphanelia (man I use big words when I get tired)...but there's a veritable cornucopia (or should I say a plethora? I always liked that word, plethora) of crafty items and clothes getting the heck out of my house. I can just see me on an Oprah show....."the poor woman was suffocated in her house by her craft magazine obsession. It's a sad, sad story." I will be listing more each day until I can see under my bed or into ONE closet at least. I'm not even dreaming of hitting the old craft repository under the stairs, I'm just trying to work my way through the "just stick this pile of stuff here for a minute...." that multiplies and takes over serious floorspace.

OK, this is TOO FREAKING COOL...I just listed 45 (yes 40-freaking-5) plastic canvas patterns and someone BOUGHT the damn things before I even went to check to see how the items looked. AND my 25 christmas magazines and 23 plastic canvas magazines just sold too...WOW, there's other sicko's addicted to this stuff besides me....bwaa haaa ha haaaaa. What could be better than making some money while clearing out crap?

ANYWAY, the kid's feeling better, and SLEEPING as his momma should be. Hopefully he can go to preschool a bit tomorrow as I have an appointment with ALLEGRA the hair-cutting goddess that is my savior.... I'm getting headaches from wearing this mop up in clippies to keep myself from snipping away myself. NOON tomorrow, can't freaking wait.

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