Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Life is good

It really is. Ms. San Antonio Who, you got it right. I do really think I love this man. My children are home and healthy and happy, I'm surrounded by family and friends that are positive people, we have food in our bellies and a roof over our heads and I have someone to care about and who cares about me. What could be better? I had really determined that I'd be "just fine" all on my own. I would have been, but I'm really thankful I was set up by those two nosy old ladies. Aren't old ladies the BEST???

So the dinner date...I wore the little black dress and heels, hair all crazy and he wore nice black slacks with a gorgeous baby blue polo dress shirt, his hair was even all spiky/messy with hair gel. He was so cute with his snappy outfit, clean shaved face and smelling good! There's a TINY Italian restaurant near State Line Rd called Jaspers. OH OH OH it was so good. You pretty much have to make reservations even during the week. When we got there, they said "oh, you have table 10" with a big production. I kind of chuckled until I got there. It's the most romantic table in the place, overlooking Watt's Mill Creek and some little waterfalls. Food was DIVINE, service amazing, wine wonderful, tirimisu UNBELIEVABLE. They wheeled over this dessert presentation that was, I SWEAR, 6 feet tall. OH OH OH. Jeff (not a fan of sweets) drank his coffee and I was able to not be a total pig and take part of the dessert home. We met the owners and the chef and I'm telling you the atmosphere was just like nothing I've ever experienced. After dinner we went for a walk down by the creek and read the historical markers and walked hand in hand. We sat down at a picnic table (him sitting on top of the table and me on the bench below with his arms wrapped around me) and talked and watched an older couple fishing. The moon was almost full, mosquitos were not biting, a light breeze blew, I'm telling you it was a perfect evening.

Back to reality now. My kids and I are going to his house Thursday (when he gets his boys next) and are making chili dogs and frito pie and letting them run around in the sprinklers and have water gun fights. We'll be back in our normal evening attire of beat-up shorts and t-shirts. It is really nice to have a fancy real date once in a while, but I like the normal life stuff with him too.

The chef sent me an email about DiRoNA week, Aug 22-26. (Distinguished Restaurants of North America) Some of the fancy-schmancy restaurants across the nation are offering a 3 course prix five menu (OK-I didn't know what that meant, so I checked it allows the restaurant to showcase its unique appetizers, entrees and desserts) for a low price and donating a portion of the proceeds to Share our Strength to help fight childhood hunger. Check the list on the link to see if any restaurants in your neck of the woods are participating, as it'd be a great way to have a VERY expensive meal for a low price AND help hungry kids to boot. Jasper's chef sent me his menu: "My menu will consist of 3 courses, for starters a choice of a Panzanella salad or Lobster Cappuccino with Crispy prosciutto. For a second course, a choice of fresh salmon Wellington in a puff pastry with a tarragon buree blanc sauce, a pollo Toscanini from The Jasper's Cookbook or my summer pasta with uncooked heirloom tomatoes, and for the ending, a beautiful strawberry Napoleon with chantilly cream and local berries! The price will be 25.00! We will also be featuring local wines and port from Somerset Ridge Winery in Kansas!" Mark me THERE and EATING baby!

Ok, so now for the smutty part. (too much lovey-dovey stuff gives me hives) I'll just say, have you ever thought about taking 2 birth control pills the morning after just in case? nuff said.

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