Friday, July 15, 2005

Thanks ladies, I think my temper tantrum's over for now

OK, so for some freaky reason, the KS humidity actually HELPED my hair today. go figure. Now instead of an 80's reject, I look like a 36 yr old woman trying to look like a pixie. I don't like it, but I can live with it.
Colleen, Vicki, Teresa, San Antonio (who cracked me up by the way, driving 35 miles to save $10 HAH!), you guys cheered me up. We all hate our hair. get over it, I know, I know! San Antonio, I bet your highlights are sessy! You need the toes to go with the hair and the attitude!

I think the bad hair thing gave me some good karma coming my way...
Bossman came up and said I could have my paycheck this afternoon even though payday isn't technically until Monday as long as I wait until tomorrow am to deposit it. I was thinking of asking for it, but decided, nah, why bother, then I get this! :) I made a few collections calls and the clients actually ANSWERED the phone, were NICE and 2 said they'd even send checks out (I don't really care if they're lying, I just like people being nice. I give it to the big bossman when things get nasty). My plant (from Ms. San Antonio) is growing all these new leaves and all the bugs I saw today were DEAD! What a nice little Friday in the hole!

I've lost my mind. totally. I VOLUNTEERED to have one of Joey's little friends spend the night. volunteered. cripes. I'm the mom of a child with a better social life than most college kids. He's in hot demand. I admit I've worked the "poor little single mom" thing a bit as they all take Joey for like 6 hours or even overnight (I have 2 mom friends I like & trust enough for overnighters). I take their kids for maybe 2-3 hours. I always feel bad, but MAN, I can't take playdates longer than that or I get REALLY stressed and REALLY pissy. It's not their kids, no, their kids are fine. My little stinking angel decides NOT to share after 2 hrs. That's apparently his limit for playing nice with his stuff. SO I'm picking up the two muchkins at 3:30pm and keeping Joey's friend until tomorrow am. I did ask the mom to keep it kind of quiet, as I LIKE her kid and don't want the other mommas thinking I'm ready to reciprocate fairly on full-time switches yet.

I've got scooby doo movies, a fold-out couch, a lot of yarn for HOPEFULLY getting knitting done while kids are entertaining themselves (hey I can dream, right?). wish me luck.

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