Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Chipotle, how I love thee...

Praise to the goddess of chubby thighs!!!!! Did you notice that the universe was a bit off-kilter lately? I apologize. I had not eaten at chipotle for a MONTH. How did that happen? I don't know. Too much work, sick kid, not enough money, vacations, crazy things were happening around here. WELL, once I realized what was happening, I took myself to the nearest restaurant and was all ready to order the my usual addicted self the steak burrito bowl with guacamole when I saw they have a SALAD now. Not any salad, holy crap this thing is GOOD. I ate chicken on actual GREEN lettuce type stuff with all the other heavenly stuff in those little trays and the viniagrette was to DIE FOR. I am not a fan of viniagrette, heck, I don't actually know if I'm spelling it right, but it's almost midnight now and I don't really care. I was FULL all damn day long from a salad. I am going back TOMORROW for more......mmmmmmmm....... All you carb-fearing skinny mini's that piss me off in your little shorts with your little thighs and no belly fat can just be happy and eat there too. I'll be nice and share. I will curse you under my breath though, just so you know.

Ah, not that I'm the kind of person who since she worked her butt off and went above and beyond all expectations at work the last two weeks would slack off for any reason, nope not me. I spent oh, let's say about 7 or 8 hours the last two days just catching up on reading blogs, organizing the online patterns I want to do someday on my free patterns link, and generally slacking off. All on my own time, really. seriously. I'm a good little worker bee down in the hole. usually. ok sometimes. It's weird, at home I actually WORK and at work, let's just say I should spend more productive time at home. OH YEAH, I am now!!!! WOO HOO! Starting next week, I'm going to work in the office MWF and home Tues & Thurs. The main goal is so Joey can sleep in and schedule dr's appts on those days when I need to, but basically I'm all shiny happy people about it! Local bossman was all up for it. no argument, and thought it was a good idea. I'm telling you, if it weren't for the whole "no future, no job security, low pay, bad environment, laying off of all employees" thing, it'd be a nice place to work. seriously. oh and the cockroaches. I saw a dead one today, which is an improvement I think.

ANYWAY, I was all inspired and found a few patterns with good ol' Lion Brand and JoAnn brand yarn and thought, why am I such a yarn snob? I spent about an hour wandering around JoAnn's craft store. What's wrong with fun fur? Let me tell you, it's NOT FUN. I'm telling you, this crap is PISSING me off. I try to make a nice, quick little crocheted purse. LB homespun and fun fur. How hard could it be? It is a BITCH. Gave up and am now crocheting like a blind woman. I can't see a damn stitch, so I'm going by feel. I wonder if knitting it would be any easier? If I don't make a furry little noose with the stuff, I may try it and see.

I also was all inspired by this boucle wrap pattern that only uses ONE SKEIN of yarn. ONE SKEIN. They failed to mention that the skein was the largest thing I've ever seen in my life. seriously. It has 853 yards and is 11 oz. It's bigger than my freaking shoe and I have really big feet. It's almost as big as my damn dog.

OH, for those of you wondering, I only have one child now as my daughter is with the kids' dad for 4 weeks in NM. Joey is getting spoiled here in KC and Beth is having a blast with her dad & his wife (who is a pretty nice lady) and her step-sister who she adores.

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