Monday, July 11, 2005

Well that's just CRAPTASTIC!!!

SO, my little life was going well....happy and basically healthy family--check, sweet honey boy--check, surrounded by friends and family that love us--check, WORKING AT HOME EVERY TUESDAY AND THURSDAY--maybe not. CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP!!! It was all set to start this week. I was happy, bossman was happy, pinkie (part-timer who's hair faded from violently metallic red to a pinkish-peachy color) was happy. SHE didn't freaking show up to work Friday. Great. bad feeling anyone? So, I left a message at her house, no answer. Bossman said, maybe she asked for the day off and we just forgot. yeah. that's the ticket. keep on believing that one. SO, I come in this am and no pinkie. She's supposed to start working MWF 12:30-4:30 and Tues & Thurs all days. Let's all cross your fingers that pinkie shows up this afternoon or I'll be one pissy little dungeonite. crap crap crap crap crap. I was JUST getting everything caught up and working well down here too!

On to the "this-n-that" stuff that's running around my brain...

JILDO came to town! Woo hoo! Thanks for coming out babe! We drank diet coke and diet beers, ate chips at Chili's (are they the BEST with ranch dressing or WHAT???), did a bit of wandering around the makeup counters at Dillards, hit the casino's (how far away is payday now???? 7 freaking days??? are you kidding me???), talked talked talked and even caught a few rays at the pool. good times. I swear, every time I hear Big Ol' Jet Airliner and Brown Eyed Girl...the memories about make me wet my pants. I love you babe.

What else? OH, Jeffey-boy rode out the tail of the hurricane in a sailboat in a marina in Miami with his boys and his aunt & uncle. He said they basically lashed everything down and went below and tried to play cards. The winds were about 70-90 mph and the boat was bouncing around non-stop for the whole night on Friday. Saturday and part of Sunday they couldn't head out into the big waters due to the big swells and waves, so they hung out at Miami beach and running around the marina. I think they're on their way to the bahamas now. Crazy boys, they all thought it was "an adventure", I just saw myself barfing through the night freaking out being all claustrophobic not knowing what was happening up above deck or bailing out and sleeping in a hotel lobby if I couldn't get a room. When I think "sail to the bahamas" I think BIG ASS CRUISE SHIP, not sailboat. Ah well, they're all having a blast and that's what matters.

Mark & Russell's tree got struck by lightning during the big storm that hit KC over 4th of July weekend. Joey and I went over to see that and the new roof the two boys are putting on the house THEMSELVES. Roof and new addition was looking very good, they hadn't killed each other yet and the tree had scorch marks running from the top where branches were blown to bits down to the ground, it was pretty cool. They also now have enough kindling to light fires all winter long.

I found a home for some of the yarn that was pissing me the heck off! Yeah! No more emails please, I'll let you all know the next time I need to clear stuff out...I'm sure it won't be long. I'm working on de-cluttering my life (yes, again). I didn't do a very good job last time as I'm easily distracted. Soon all kinds of crap will be listed on ebay and hopefully being mailed out of my house!

I heard from my daughter in NM last night! She's coming home this Sunday! woo hoo! Joey's so excited he can't hardly see straight. She sounds SO grown up, it's spooky. Eight and a half going on 20 I swear. Man I feel old.

Finally, what's up with cnn's website? I know it's cool to be able to watch the video of their coverage of current events, but they need to do a bit of editing on the page. It shows lists of things going on like "London bombs death toll rises to" and "Gunman, baby die in police". Does that bug anyone else? It just bugs the living crap out of me....hey, let's watch carnage and people die....MAYBE we could say "watch coverage" or "watch breaking news video" or something. cripes.

yup, pissy on-a-rampage Knitting Virgin is back. That pink haired chicadee had BETTER get her butt down these stairs this afternoon or I'll be MAJORLY pissy....I'm also the worst receptionist EVER. I should not be allowed to answer phones. Not only do I have to think about WHERE I am before I answer so I say "good morning" with the right company name, I have NO short term memory, so can't ever remember who's calling and where they're from...My announcements to bossman usually go tlike this, "Line 1 is Mark from....well, it's Mark, I think. Could be Bob, heck I don't know, sorry." Thank goodness we don't actually get too many calls.

Anyone want a part-time job in a dungeon in Olathe, KS? They want a lot of computer experience and great customer service skills but the pay sucks and environment isn't too whoopy. I know, I know, hold yourselves back. crap

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