Thursday, October 21, 2004

Welcome to our blogging world!

OK, I found some great blogs out there and this one's a chic from Tennessee WITHOUT ANY YARN STORES NEAR HER!!! Can you imagine??? Poor baby! I actually go in to pet the yarn when I'm too poor to buy any, but want inspiration! I'm adding her to my links but wanted to put in a note here for you guys to see also! She's trying the sexy tank I wanted to make also. IF IF IF we can ever find yarn that will actually WORK for the dang thing, we can start a knit-along (and if I can figure out how to do that also) to create all these sexy-mamacita tops and TAKE OVER THE WORLD...ok, just go out and look hot maybe. ANYWAY, welcome to my new friend Nyxxie!

Nyxxie's Blog

Feeling better able to deal with the world now, and only 35 more minutes down in the dungeon...Gotta go to Joey's teacher's conference and then when the kids go to bed, I'm going to KNIT KNIT KNIT and drink me a glass of wine and have some peace and quiet!

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