Monday, October 25, 2004

Back to Dungeonland

"I asked her why she never told us about the Ten Commandments & she said she wasn't ever that good with numbers so she loved everything as best she could & I remember thinking who needs all those rules anyway with a mother like her around."

My goal in life is to raise my children to be good and kind and fun and a bit irreverent and I just loved this storypeople story.

If you get a tight enough perm, she told me, it's almost as good as a face lift. But she had worked around a lot of toxic chemicals in the 60's, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt.

OK, I just liked that one!

SO, the dungeon goes on....

First of all, happy A, you look like a GODDESS! LOVING the hair!!!!!!! You are so dang stylish!

2ndly--the bosses can't understand why everyone's not all excited about dressing up on Friday and have low morale......this said 10 minutes after I heard staff talking about who was next to be fired.....hmmmmm can't figure this one out. My morale is actually at an all-time now I just watch the chaos like I've got a front-row seat at a really bad reality show.

3rdly (is that really a word?) I actually brought up the fact that I'm a TAD BIT behind on my multiple duties and bossman just said, "really? you've got to get it done." I explained I could EITHER do this or that or that or that and he just smiled. I'm just an audience member who's now playing the part of the resident mental-patient here.

It's getting so crazy even my compadre's poker face flinched a little in disbelief and I about snorted with held-in laughter during a serious meeting. My stomach was making horrible noises due to holding in's a dangerous thing. I was either going to cough, laugh out loud or get really gassy. I think there's now different levels of the dungeon similar to Dante's levels of hell in The Inferno. We've made it down to about level 5 and I'm hoping the end's in sight.

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